Best Women’s Road Bike

Find the best women's road bike for your needs with this comprehensive guide. We compare features to help you make the best decision possible.

Best Women's Road Bike

There was a time when women were only allowed to ride bikes for leisure while being courted by a gentleman. During these times, a bicycle provided women with little functionality, similar to a period when they weren’t allowed to straddle horses. Nevertheless, times are changing, and the best women’s road bike delivers sublime style and functionality.

Choosing the perfect road bike is a bit like shopping for underwear. For some people, a great look and beautiful designs are paramount. For others, ease of use, comfort, and functionality are vital aspects of a product. 

Top 5 Women’s Road Bikes

Women’s road bike designs have evolved to cater to every biking need. Here’s a breakdown of some great biking options for women:

  1. SAVADECK Windwar5.0 Carbon Road Bike – Best lightweight bike
  2. Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike – Best value for money
  3. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle – Most comfortable
  4. Schwinn Volare 1400 Hybrid Road Bike – Best for fast rides
  5. Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike – Best design

1. SAVADECK Windwar5.0 Carbon Road Bike

SAVADECK, a Chinese company based in Tianjin, is committed to excellence and employs a team of world-class craftsmen. The company uses patented German technology to create high-end products for the global market. The SAVADECK crew designs road bikes as artful as they are functional.


FOR MAXIMUM WEIGHT SAVINGS, the SAVADECK Windwar5.0 uses Toray T800 carbon in its seat tube, bike frame, and fork. At 21.6 lb, it is the lightest bike on our list. The cable routing passes inside the carbon fiber frame. This minimalist design enhances the bike’s overall look while protecting the cables from rust, sun damage, and unnecessary shifting. Furthermore, the inner routing enhances the durability of the cables. 

The Windwar5.0 uses the Shimano 105 Drivetrain groupset to provide 2 x 11 speeds. The front and rear derailleur work with the shifter lever to deliver fast and smooth shifts for unbeatable responsiveness. The bike seat is slender with adequate traction that delivers maximum comfort for short and extended ride sessions.

The 700c x 50c German Continental road bike tire is wear and slip-resistant. It also boasts a longer lifespan than standard tires. The SAVADECK Windwar5.0 is 90% assembled when delivered, and you’ll get free assembly tools in the packaging to complete the setup. You can check out the straightforward how-to video as a guide throughout the installation. 

Lastly, the SAVADECK bikes is available in 6 different sizes ranging from XS (4’9″ – 5’1″) up to XXL (6’1″ – 6’2″). Therefore, you can always find the perfect-sized bike for your needs on the sizing chart.


  • Gorgeous designs 
  • Fast bike 
  • Lightweight and durable carbon fiber frame
  • Multiple sizes


  • It may take a while to deliver from China
  • The bike seat is not as comfortable as promised
  • The bike is costly

2. Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

Tommaso has been designing premium Italian bikes and gear since 1985. The company’s belief in its product lineup is evidenced by how they regularly use the bikes. Based in Denver, CO, Tommaso provides excellent customer service backed by superior product quality. Tommaso’s bike designs exhibit exquisite attention to detail, are feature-rich, and deliver the best possible riding experience.


As Tommaso sells directly to the customer, you stand to get maximum value for your money with each purchase. Additionally, you’ll find bikes with ultra-lightweight aluminum frames, 100% Shimano gears, and lightweight wheels. Consumers can also enjoy a lifetime warranty on the frame of the bike.

While the Tomasso Imola road bike is not an entry-level bike, beginners can still use it. The Imola road bike is sold as an affordable performance bike instead of an entry-level option with basic features. The Imola road bike uses a long-lasting premium aluminum bike frame

Tommaso fully employs Shimano components covered by a two-year warranty from Shimano. The Imola road bike has a Shimano Claris 24 gear groupset installed for optimal speeds for any occasion. Moreover, the Imola road bike carries an added lifetime warranty. Unfortunately, you’ll need a professional technician to assemble the bike to validate the warranties.

The Imola road bike is designed to deliver maximum comfort during rides. The manufacturers built the compact geometric frame to provide a relaxed position in any riding style. The handlebar has a shallow drop to assist in getting the most comfortable ride in the drop position. The Tommaso Imola is also equipped with a bigger 25mm, 700c tire to add additional control in turns.  

The Imola road bike comes in 6 different sizes, and both men and women can use this fantastic bike. Starting at XXS (4’10 – 5’2) up to XL (6’2 – 6’5), you will be able to find a road bike that suits your frame. 


  • Uses high-quality components
  • Great customer support
  • Value for money
  • Ultra-lightweight bike
  • 24-speed groupset gearbox


  • It needs professional assembly for warranties to be viable
  • Slightly expensive
  • The seat can be a bit small for some consumers

3. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

Sixthreezero uses innovative designs on its bike frames for optimum alignment and comfort while riding. This engineering helps prevent stiffness or aches in your wrist, back, and shoulders.  


The pedal position of the EVRYjourney allows your legs to fully extend to prevent soreness in your ankles, knees, and hips. This bike has a step-through aluminum frame which allows easy access when getting on and off the bike. Its low descending frame angles the rider in a heads-up position. This position makes the bike more suitable for leisure or commuting rides. 

The 7-speed city frame hybrid is perfect for cruising, urban commuting, or touring. The matching fenders and 26″ wheels give the bike an old-school charm. The pedal position and foot-forward seat allow riders to comfortably place their feet on the ground while seated. You’ll find it easy to stop and take in the scenery on weekend rides. Unfortunately, an upright position causes too much air resistance and is unsuitable for racing.

The saddle is brown and uses synthetic leather that matches the classic stitching grips. Besides being good-looking, the bike seat is ultra-comfortable. This bike rides on 2″ semi-slick tires, which deliver a smooth and cushioned ride. The Shimano 7-speed External Derailleur groupset provides sublime gear shifts when the terrain changes. The bike also comes with a 3-speed internal geared hub in the rear axle that boosts the durability of the gearbox. The EVRYjourney is also equipped with front and rear brakes for added safety while enjoying your ride. 

The EVRYjourney truly is a versatile leisure road bike capable of long endurance rides. There is an attached rack at the back of the bike that you can use to strap your luggage. Also, you can quickly attach a basket to the front of the bike for a quick shopping run. 


  • Engineered for comfort
  • The bike has pretty, old-school aesthetics
  • Durable groupset gearbox
  • Variety of colors available


  • The bike is heavy
  • The bike is wide and difficult to maneuver in small spaces

4. Schwinn Volare 1400 Hybrid Road Bike

Schwinn is an American-based bike brand that believes in empowering people. With over a century of experience, Schwinn works hard toward providing the best possible products by constantly evolving its designs. The brand’s product lineup is an exquisite display of love and adoration for its consumers. 


The Schwinn Volare road bike is built for those who love speed. The bike is nimble and agile and aims to satisfy anyone looking for an exhilarating experience flying down the road. The Schwinn road bike uses a light aluminum frame paired with a rigid steel fork to ensure the most agile ride possible. 

The stem and seat post components assist the lightweight handlebar in ensuring agility and ease of use. The alloy disk brakes ensure a crisp and responsive stopping power. The sport riding seat and flat-style handlebars are incorporated to counteract wind resistance and assist the rider’s aerodynamics. 

The Volare road bike uses a 14-speed Shimano groupset with an integrated 21-speed shifter and brake lever combo. This combination is paired with rear Shimano Derailleurs to provide smooth shifting. The double-wall rims in the alloy wheels ensure extra strength and durability. This architecture also keeps the bike’s weight down to deliver a supremely enjoyable ride. The bike’s 700c wheels make the recommended size of the rider be between 5’3 feet to 6’1 feet. The Volare comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturing mishaps.


  • Well-paired components make for a fast and agile ride
  • Multiple colors available 
  • Lightweight frame and components
  • Double-wall rims to enhance durability
  • 14-speed Shimano groupset and rear Shimano Derailleurs combination


  • Harder to assemble after purchase
  • Some shorter riders might find the bike challenging to handle
  • The steel fork may rust when exposed to too much water and elements

5. Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike

An adventurer was what Giordano designers had in mind when designing the Aversa. It has loads of advanced features to help riders at all skill levels. Any beginner, intermediate, and expert cyclist will find a design that suits their needs. 


When seeking a lightweight bike that doesn’t cause extra drag, you have to consider the material on the bike frame. Fortunately, the 700c Women’s medium bike frame is made from aluminum, making the bike highly maneuverable. 

The Giordano Aversa aluminum road bike has 40mm alloy rims with a 32-hole double wall that can fit 700c x25mm tires. The bike has double-wall rims for extra strength. Furthermore, they are quickly incorporated into beginner bikes and other advanced rides. The double-wall rims, however, are more expensive and slightly heavier. Still, their durability makes up for this shortcoming.

The Giordano Aversa aluminum road bike has a high tensile steel fork and a 14-speed Shimano-equipped drivetrain. The Shimano groupset is a trusted brand, and it should give you peace of mind while riding. The alloy dual-pivot brakes are used with the caliper brake style for additional safety whenever you drop the anchors. Caliper-style braking has a gradual action that avoids sudden stops, consequently reducing the danger of momentum carrying you over your bike. 

The Giordano Aversa is an ideal road bike for entry-level riders. This product is fairly priced and has plenty of features that bring out the best in your cycling performance. 


  • Ultra-lightweight road bike
  • Sleek and fast
  • Pretty design
  • Small and medium-size options are available
  • Great price for an entry-level bike


  • You have to assemble your bike after delivery
  • Only one bolt fixes the handlebar in place, and this can interfere with its durability
  • The seat might be too small at the back for some riders

Buyer’s Guide: How to choose the best women’s road bike 

Before choosing an ideal women’s road bike, you should consider multiple factors, such as your needs for a road bike. Here’s a breakdown of what you should factor in when going bike shopping.

Bike Usage

Few truly hybrid bikes comfortably fit into each riding category. Therefore, you must ask yourself, ‘What do I want to use my bike for?” It would not make sense to buy a high-end racing bike when you’re starting. In this case, you are better off looking for a beginner bike to ease into road biking. If you are a seasoned rider, you need an advanced ride, especially if you’re looking to maintain optimum fitness levels. 

Other biking needs include regular commutes and leisure rides. For these, you won’t need a state-of-the-art product. Instead, functionality tops the fancy gimmicks. 

Weight of Your Road Bike

The weight of your road bike is a critical factor when bike shopping because it will influence your maneuverability. For fun, and family activities, a heavier, slower, but often cheaper and more durable bike is the best option. On the other hand, you are better off with a lightweight ride when racing or during fitness routines. You are generally better off with a road bike that can go fast and encounters very little wind resistance to avoid riding strains.

Braking System

There is a raging debate on the best braking system for a road bike between a disk braking system and a caliper braking alternative. Usually, your personal preference will decide as both types deliver good stoppage power.

The disk braking system is incredibly reliable, providing excellent and consistent stopping power even in wet and dirty conditions. However, the caliper or rim braking system works poorly under wet conditions. Still, they are easier to maintain, cheaper, and provide multiple options when you want to upgrade your wheels. 

Groupset Installed on the Bike

The groupset is the bike’s transmission and brake assembly. Shimano is one of the most common manufacturers, and you will readily find it on most bikes. Shimano has a hierarchy of groupset models available, with each level designed to meet different needs. 

Most entry-level bikes will come with an entry-level groupset. Sometimes, you might love the fit of the frame even as the gear shifts aren’t smooth. Fortunately, most bikes are highly customizable, and you can quickly replace most components. Therefore, you can always upgrade to a better Shimano groupset.

Material of the Frame and Fork

Currently, many bike manufacturers fit aluminum frames as standard. However, you won’t always enjoy the material’s lightweight nature. In some cases, the fork will be a steel one for added stability and maneuverability while making the bike a little weighty. 

Carbon fiber bikes are normally lightweight but expensive. Still, a steel and carbon fiber combo will last longer than aluminum, even if it costs more than the latter. Therefore, determine your biking needs to find the material that best suits your riding style before purchasing.

Size and Fit of the Bike

The size and fit of your bike can influence how comfortable you find the ride. If you are too short or tall, you will likely fail to use all the bike’s features and components optimally. Moreover, an incorrectly sized bike poses a significant risk of accidents and subsequent injuries.

The upside is that most bikes come in multiple sizes. Therefore, riders can find a perfectly fitting bike. If you aren’t sure which size to pick, simply check the size recommendations on the products. However, the best method is to test out different rides while shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between bikes for men and women?

A handful of different construction principles are behind the construction of road bikes for each gender. The most noticeable difference is the seat shape. As women have wider pelvic bones, their bike seats tend to be a bit wider, while those for men are longer and narrower.

 Bikes for men generally have a higher frame and horizontal top tube. On the other hand, the top tube on women’s bikes may be slanted or lowered for easier mounting. Additionally, men’s bikes have wider handlebars. However, there isn’t a rulebook that stipulates which bike men and women should ride. You are better off going with one that suits your body’s dimensions and riding style.

2. Do I have to buy a women’s bike just because I am a woman?

No, you do not have to. Apart from slight differences in the design to accommodate the generally smaller size of women, there are not many noticeable changes. Most professional bikes only offer different sizes to the same design, having the size of the frame correlate to the length of the rider. Power-wise, all bikes work the same; the harder you paddle, the more you get out.

3. How do I know what bike size to choose?

Firstly, you can go into a shop and sit on different bikes to get the correct sized one. Alternatively, you can work out your saddle height using the LeMond formula. You’ll have to measure your inside leg length and multiply by 0.885.

The Finish Line

You can consider several options for the best women’s road bike. Nevertheless, you are better off sticking to your reasons for wanting a road bike when considering multiple offerings. Do not let quirky or other appealing designs distract you from what you want because you will later regret the decision. 

A road bike delivers fun-filled experiences, especially if you get one that ticks all your boxes. Additionally, you’ll enjoy top-tier convenience and effortless workouts when moving from one point to the next. Fantastic products have crucial components that fulfill your biking needs while delivering ultimate comfort. Finally, get ready to explore and enjoy your ride.

Our top 5 best women’s road bikes:

  1. SAVADECK Windwar5.0 Carbon Road Bike – Best lightweight bike
  2. Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike – Best value for money
  3. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle – Most comfortable
  4. Schwinn Volare 1400 Hybrid Road Bike – Best for fast rides
  5. Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike – Best design

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