9 Best Tandem Bikes Reviewed: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best tandem bikes? Find out what to look for in a tandem bike and see our top picks!

Best Tandem Bikes

Looking for the best tandem bikes?

You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will review 9 of the best tandem bikes on the market. We’ll consider quality, value, and comfort when rating these bikes.

We’ll also provide a buyer’s guide to help you make the best decision possible before purchasing a tandem bike.

So whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride around town or some serious cycling adventures, we’ve got you covered!

Don’t have time to read? Here are our top picks:

  1. Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Bike – Best Overall
  2. Kulana Lua Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike – Great Value
  3. Pacific Dualie Adult Tandem Bike – Best Hybrid Tandem
  4. 700c Giordano Duetto – Best Road Tandem Bike
  5. Pedego Tandem Cruiser E-bike – Best Tandem E-bike
  6. PeriScope Trident Convertible – Best Convertible
  7. Bike Friday Tandem Two’sDay Folding Travel Bike – Best for Flights
  8. KaZAM Co-Pilot Bike Trailer – Best Bike Trailer
  9. Kent International 26″ Synergy Tandem – Best Comfort Tandem

Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Bike

If you’re looking for a tandem bike that’s built for cruising, the Schwinn Twinn Classic is a great option.

This bike is comfortable and easy to ride, thanks to its adjustable seat height and extra low step-through frame in the back.

It also comes equipped with 21 speeds and mechanical disc brakes for superior all-condition stopping power, so you can easily navigate any terrain.

Plus, the second set of handlebars and Schwinn suspension fork put you in complete control when you ride, and the ergonomic grips and plush fitness saddles create a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

You should consider the Schwinn Twinn Classic if you are looking for an affordable and durable option. The frame is made of aluminum, which is a plus, and it’s also easy to assemble.

However, the gear range might be limiting for some people and the suspension fork is not the best. Overall, this is a good bike for the price.

So whether you’re looking to bike with a friend or get a workout in, the Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem is a great choice.

Kulana Lua Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

The Kulana Lua Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike is a great option for couples looking for a relaxed and stylish ride.

With 26-inch wheels, this bike accommodates riders 5’4″ to 6’2″ in height, and the hi-ten steel frame is strong and durable. The frame is extremely sturdy and well built, which is impressive for an affordable bike.

The single-speed drivetrain is easy to use and maintain, and the rear coaster brakes eliminate cables for a clean look.

The Kulana Lua’s 7-speed model has a smooth twist shifter. Flat terrain is pleasant with the wide whitewall wheels. However, the fenders tend to scrape against the wheel of this bike.

The easy-reach cruiser handlebars and cruiser rise stems provide an upright riding position, so you can enjoy the view as you cruise down the beach.

The large cushioned saddles are comfortable for both riders, and the steel seat posts are adjustable for a perfect fit. However, this bike is not sized for a child to ride in the rear. The seat is too large and they won’t be able to reach the pedals.

The vintage details, including the steel painted rear and front fenders, add to the cruiser style of this bike.

One thing to note is that there are no tools included with this bike. You don’t need a lot of tools to assemble it, but if you don’t have any Allen wrenches, you’re going to need to get your hands on some.

Another thing to note is that the Kulana Lua Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike is heavy, weighing over 60 pounds. This is to be expected with a tandem bike, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re planning on carrying it up a flight of stairs.

All things considered, the Kulana Lua Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality, affordable tandem bike. It’s comfortable, durable, and easy to ride.

Pacific Dualie Adult Tandem Bike

You and your partner should definitely take a look at the Pacific Dualie Adult Tandem Bike.

With its sturdy steel frame and comfortable seat, this bike is perfect for taking a leisurely ride around the neighborhood or exploring new bike trails.

The 21-speed micro shifters make it easy for you and your partner to change gears quickly and smoothly, while the alloy wheels provide a lightweight yet durable ride.

And if you need to stop suddenly, the front rider has access to alloy linear pull brakes for smooth braking.

Plus, with its wide gear range, this bike is perfect for tackling any terrain.

To conclude, the Pacific Dualie Adult Tandem Bike is a great choice for couples looking for a smooth ride. It’s easy to assemble and a relatively lightweight tandem bike. However, because of the low rear handlebars, it may not be the best choice for taller couples.

Finally, some adjustments may be necessary to get the bike shifting and braking correctly and the pedals are of poor quality. But overall, it’s a great value for the price.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to explore your neighborhood or want an adventure on new bike trails, the Pacific Dualie is the perfect tandem bike for you and your partner.

700c Giordano Duetto Tandem Road Bike

If you’re looking for a tandem bike that is both lightweight and reliable, the 700c Giordano Duetto Tandem Road Bike is a great option.

It’s built around a 6061 aluminum frame and fork, so it’s sturdy and lightweight, and it comes with a Shimano 16-Speed Altus drivetrain to make it easy to get up and down hills.

The 36-hole double-wall rims are also great for keeping the bike stable, while the 700c x 38mm comfort tires make it easy to ride on all types of terrain. And if you’re worried about braking power, the alloy dual pivot brakes provide plenty of stopping power.

To conclude, the Giordano Duetto Tandem Road Bike is a great starter bike for anyone new to tandem biking. It is simple to assemble if it’s not your first time. The gears are also easy to use, making it a breeze to climb normal hills.

However, the bike could use some upgrades, such as a wider seat and bigger tires.

Overall, the Giordano Duetto Tandem Road Bike is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into tandem biking.

Pedego Tandem Cruiser E-bike

Source Pedego

The Pedego Tandem Cruiser is a truly unique bicycle: the world’s only electric-powered tandem bicycle.

Riding a bike is often a social experience, and so Pedego has built a bike just for those who love bicycling with their friends and families and want to enjoy the special pleasure of riding a tandem bike, without sacrificing the rich features of Pedego’s beloved electric bikes.

The Pedego Tandem Cruiser also comes with relaxed and wide swept back handlebars that allow you to sit back and relax while riding.

The seats are also extremely comfortable, with soft saddles that provide cushioning where it matters most. Additionally, the bike comes with a built-in rear light for your safety and convenience.

The Pedego Tandem Cruiser is a powerful bike that can stop on a dime thanks to its disc brakes. The seven gears are also of premium quality, providing smooth shifting and easy pedaling. And finally, the twist-and-go throttle allows you to have full power on demand.

Whether you’re looking to ride with a friend or family member, or just want to enjoy the unique experience of riding a tandem electric bike, the Pedego Tandem Cruiser is the perfect choice.


Source Co-Motion

You’ve probably never heard of S+S couplers, but they’re a handy feature to have on a tandem. These couplers allow you to break the frame down into three pieces that can easily fit into a vehicle or be shipped.

This is a great option if you want to be able to take your tandem bike on vacation with you without having to worry about it being too big to fit in your car. And if you have kids, the low stand-over clearance is a lifesaver.

It also comes with 26″ wheels and 30 – 40mm tires, making it perfect for all sorts of terrain. Plus, the Co-Motion zonally-butted cromoly tubing and oversized 44mm head-tube make this bike extremely durable. And with Shimano 105 Kit

This bike also comes with rack and fender mounts, so you can easily add on accessories like panniers or a child seat. And finally, the hand-built touring wheels are built to last.

Whether you’re looking for a tandem bike that can be easily transported or one that is just really fun to ride, the Trident Convertible is a great option. It’s versatile, durable, and comes with all the features you need for a great ride.

Bike Friday Tandem Two’sDay Folding Travel Bike

Whether you’re touring your hometown or exploring a new country, the Two’sDay is the perfect tandem bike for any adventure. It is the only tandem bike that I know of that folds up to fit in a car trunk. This makes it perfect for taking on trips, as you don’t need a rack to carry it.

This bike is custom-made to fit your body for both the captain and the stoker. This ensures a comfortable ride for both riders, and it folds up to fit in a car trunk or in a suitcase for air travel.

It’s also outfitted with standard parts that are easy to repair in case of an emergency. Plus, the low step-over height makes it easy to get on and off the bike.

The 27-speed drivetrain and disc brakes make this a great choice for both experienced cyclists and beginners alike.

The bike also has a 10 years warranty, so you can be sure that it will last for many years to come.

If you’re looking for a tandem bike that’s both high performance and easy to transport, the Two’sDay is an excellent option.

KaZAM Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

I know it is not a tandem bike, but to be fair you can transform your actual bike into one! And if you are looking for a great way to spend time with your child and get some exercise at the same time, Look no further than the KaZAM Co-Pilot Bike Trailer!

This sturdy trailer bike quickly and securely attaches to most adult bike seat posts, and is designed just like a regular 20” bicycle, with adjustable handlebars, quick-adjust saddle height clamp, a rear fender and splashguard. It also includes a safety flag and blinking rear safety light, so you can ride with peace of mind knowing your child is visible and safe.

The best part? The patented SyncLink hitch system makes attaching the bike to your own bicycle quick and easy! However, you can expect the need for it to be re-centered from time to time, especially after tight turns or during bumpy roads.

Recommended for ages seven to twelve, this bike is perfect for growing children. Get outside and enjoy some quality family time with the KaZAM Co-Pilot Bike Trailer!

Kent International 26″ Synergy Tandem

If you’re looking for a fun, durable tandem bike to share with your partner, the Kent International 26″ Synergy Tandem is a good option.

With a 6061 aluminum frame and 26-inch 32-hole alloy rims, it’s built for lasting performance, while the 21-speed gearing provides plenty of options for riding on different terrain.

The linear pull brakes offer great stopping power, and the rigid suspension keeps things smooth on your ride.

This bike is easy to assemble, and it can handle a combined weight of up to 380 pounds without any problems.

The gear shifting is smooth and easy, and this bike turns heads wherever you go.

However, some users found the saddle to be uncomfortable and replaced it, and others found the bike itself to be heavy and difficult to propel.

The parts on this bike are of average quality, the wheels may need to be trued before riding.

Overall, this is a great tandem bike for couples who are looking for an average-quality option without breaking the bank.

Buyer’s guide: How to choose the best tandem bikes around?

When it comes to tandem bikes, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before making your purchase.

First, you’ll need to decide what type of tandem bike you want. There are road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Then, you’ll need to consider the components of the bike, such as the frame, brakes, wheels and tires, gears, suspension, and seat.

And finally, you’ll want to take a look at the most frequently asked questions about tandem bikes to make sure you have all the information you need before making your purchase.

Types of tandem bikes:

  • Road bikes: Road bikes are designed for riding on paved surfaces. They typically have narrower tires and are lighter in weight, making them faster and easier to pedal.
  • Mountain bikes: Mountain bikes are designed for riding on rough terrain. They usually have wider tires, stronger brakes, and more suspension to absorb the bumps.
  • Hybrid bikes: Hybrid bikes are a mix between road and mountain bikes. They can be ridden on paved surfaces but are also tough enough to handle some off-road riding.
  • Electric bikes: Electric bikes have a motor and battery that assist the rider with pedaling. They’re great for people who want a little help getting up hills or who want to ride longer distances.
  • Touring bikes: Touring bikes are designed for long-distance riding. They have extra features like luggage racks and water bottle holders to make it easier to carry everything you need on your trip.

Components: Frame, Brakes, Wheels & Tires, Gears, Suspension, Seat


When it comes to tandem bikes, the most important thing to look for is a durable frame. The frame is the main component of the bike and supports the weight of both riders.

Most tandem frames are made from steel or aluminum, which makes them strong, affordable, and sturdy. However, carbon fiber frames are becoming more popular because they’re lighter weight and offer a smoother ride.


The next thing to consider is the bike’s brakes. Brakes are an important safety feature on any bicycle, but they’re especially important on tandem bikes because of the extra weight. Look for tandem bikes with dual disc brakes or V-brakes for the best stopping power.

Wheels & Tires

Wheels and tires are another important consideration. Most tandem bikes come with 26-inch wheels, but some models have larger 29-inch wheels. Larger wheels offer a smoother ride, but they can make the bike more difficult to maneuver. Tires also vary in width, with wider tires offering more stability and traction.


When it comes to gears, most tandem bikes have broad gear ranges. The number of gears you need will depend on the type of riding you’ll be doing. If you plan on mostly riding on flat surfaces, fewer gears will be fine. However, if you’ll be riding in hilly areas or on off-road trails, more gears will be better.


Suspension is another feature to look for, especially if you’ll be riding on rough terrain. Most tandem bikes have front suspension forks to absorb shock and make the ride more comfortable. Some models also have rear suspension, which provides even more comfort and control.


Finally, pay attention to the bike’s seat. Most tandem bikes have a captain’s seat, which is slightly larger and more comfortable than the stoker’s seat. Some models also have adjustable seats so that each rider can find their perfect position.


Before you buy a tandem bike, it’s important to consider your needs and budget. Tandem bikes range in price from around $500 to $9000, so there’s a model for every budget. Keep in mind that the best tandem bike is the one that best suits your riding style and needs.

Differences between tandem bikes and normal bikes

While tandem biking can be a fun and unique experience, there are a few differences to keep in mind before you buy a tandem bike. Let’s look at them!

Tandem bikes have broader gears than single bikes. Why?

First, when you have two people pedaling, you need a bit more power to get going. Second, because you’re pedaling together, you can maintain a higher speed for longer periods of time. And finally, because there are two of you, the bike is generally heavier and needs more torque to get moving.

That’s why most tandem bikes have what’s called a “broad gear range.” That means they have smaller gears for getting started and climbing hills and larger gears for higher speeds on flat terrain. Having a broad gear range lets you take advantage of your strengths as a team and helps you ride smoothly even when the terrain changes.

Tandem bikes can sometimes have an extra brake, located on the back of the bike. This is helpful when stopping quickly since there’s more weight on the back of the bike than on a standard bike.

Finally, to ride a tandem effectively you need to use slightly different techniques than you would use on a standard bike. For example, you’ll want to stay loose and use your body weight to help steer rather than using just your hands and the front rider is responsible for steering and pacing the bike, while the back rider provides power. This can take some getting used to if you’re used to riding a regular bike.

FAQs about Tandem bikes

How much does a good tandem bike cost?

A good quality, well-designed tandem bicycle can be had for about $1,000. But if you want to get into the world of touring and racing, you’ll need more than that. The average price is closer to $2,500. And there are some very expensive models out there.

Are tandem bikes good for couples?

Tandem bikes can be a great way for couples to enjoy the outdoors together. They can also help you stay fit and bond with your partner.

Are tandem bikes faster than regular bikes?

Yes, due to the double pedaling power, the same wind resistance as if you were riding alone and less weight as tandem bikes are lighter than two individual bikes made of the same material.

Is it hard to ride a tandem bike?

It can be more difficult to ride a tandem bike than a regular bicycle, but it is also more rewarding. It takes some practice to get used to pedaling in sync with your partner and communicating effectively, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a blast!

Can you use a tandem bike alone?

Yes, you can use a tandem bike alone, but it is not recommended. The bike is designed for two people and it can be difficult to ride by yourself.

Who does more work on a tandem bike?

Both riders do an equal amount of work on a tandem bike. The front rider (known as the captain) steers and sets the pace, while the back rider (known as a stoker) provides power.

Why are tandems slow uphill?

Mainly for the inability of the two riders to coordinate themselves in perfect synchronicity.

What is a stoker on a tandem?

A stoker is the person who rides on the back of a tandem bike. They don’t have any steering duties and usually can’t see where they’re going.

How do you transport tandem?

The most convenient way is a roof rack or hitch-mounted bike rack to transport your tandem.

How Do You Size A Tandem?

Like all bikes, you will need to take the measurement of the height and inseam of both riders to choose the correct tandem bike size and then perform a full bike fit.

The Finish Line

After reviewing all the best tandem bikes on the market, my top choice is the Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike.

It has a steel low step-thru frame and a 21-speed shifter, making it perfect for cruising around town or going out on a weekend ride with my partner. The double seater design is comfortable and fits us both having different heights.

Plus, the front and back mechanical disk brakes, and suspension fork, all of that make this bike deliver amazing value for the money.

I hope you enjoyed my article on the best tandem bikes. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Thanks for reading!

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