Best Electric Bikes Under $2000

If you're looking for the best electric bike under $2000, here's a guide to some of your options.

best electric bikes under $2000

These days, climate change and surging gas prices are hammering down on almost everyone. To overcome these challenges, we need to be innovative and develop better alternatives for ourselves.

Consequently, for most commuters, electric bikes are one of the best practical alternatives to transportation. It saves us from high costs on gas, but it also gives us health benefits as we pedal. Since it is carbon neutral, electric bikes don’t add to global warming, so if you use this type of transportation, you are doing planet earth an excellent service. 

Not only do these bikes help you cut down on your carbon footprint, but they also allow you to stay fit and get that much-needed exercise even while commuting. Furthermore, you can easily wade through traffic, take shortcuts, and even take recreational rides to places that cars wouldn’t be able to reach.

However, you might be worried about the price of such machines. Electric bikes have a reputation for being notoriously expensive because of the multiple features and increasing demand. Yet, you needn’t worry, as cheaper and highly reliable electric bikes are available on the market. This article will round up the best electric bikes that are functional yet also pocket friendly.

The Top List of Electric Bikes Under $2000

After many hours of exhaustive research, we found the following bikes to be the best choices for those just starting on these machines. 

It is not enough to just consider the battery power of electric bikes. As a result, we also considered how the makers designed the e-bikes with riding comfort in mind during our research. Furthermore, we looked at the range, the different safety features, and overall functions that will significantly impact your riding experience.

On that note, check out this list we made of the best electric bikes under $2000.

1. SOHOO Step-thru Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

The SOHOO Step-thru Electric Bike is a road bike made of aluminum alloy. This bi-pedal comes with a 48 V, 750 W motor that outputs continuous power. Moreover, the manufacturers have installed high-performance hydraulic disc brakes with an electric cut-off function for safety – this set-up plus a 180mm rear disc ensures safe braking distance.

This Electric Bike can reach a maximum speed of 32 miles per hour. The battery can sustain support up to 75 miles at the lowest power assist level and reach up to 40 miles at the highest power assist level.

The SOHOO also has gel seat padding and under-seat shocks to provide the best sitting experience while pedaling. Additionally, this e-bike has an LED integrated headlight, a sturdy luggage rack, and an LED rear light for safety purposes.

With a Shimano 7s drivetrain, this bike provides accurate and smooth shifting. An intelligent LCD also provides the rider with the current power assist level, speed, available power, temperature, trip distance, and odometer.

It has the best combination of Power, Speed, Range, and Comfort. Furthermore, this e-bike comes with a high-capacity, removable battery with an anti-theft installation. Also, the SOHOO is relatively cheaper compared to other e-bikes on this list. Besides this, the overall combination of power output, range, and comfort made SOHOO stand out on this list. 


  • Multiple shock absorbers provide a comfortable riding experience
  • Intelligent LCD shows important metrics
  • Shimano drivetrain ensures smooth and safe shifting
  • Safety features like front and rear lights
  • Power assists a maximum range of 75 miles and is one of the best in the market


  • The handlebars and gooseneck may not fit everyone
  • Directions in the manual are not very helpful

2. Opeak Folding Electric Bike

The Opeak Folding Electric Bike is an eight-speed fat tire road bike with a 750 W motor that can reach a maximum speed of 32 miles per hour at power assist. You can pedal with a power assist or use the thumb throttle to increase power and speed. The frame comes with a hydraulic disc brake system with an electric cut-off function, ensuring a safe braking distance. Moreover, it has a 48 V removable battery that you can charge at home or in your office. You can fully charge the battery within 6 hours.

This e-bike comes with five levels of pedal-assistance, bringing you various riding ranges. Furthermore, the frame has a front suspension fork and a center shock absorber that can effectively reduce road bumps. Opeak’s safety features include an automatic headlight that turns on during low-light conditions, a colored LCD screen to display essential metrics, a phone holder with a charging port, cruise control, and uphill power assistance.

Since it is also foldable, you can put this e-bike inside your car’s trunk and use it whenever you see fit. This feature gives you a lot of practicality during road trips or even city traveling. Same with SOHOO, the OPEAK boasts powerful motor output and a longer range of operation compared to competitors.


  • Colored LCD Display
  • Automatic Headlights
  • The folding feature means you can easily pack up this e-bike in any car
  • Fast charging time
  • Includes a charging port for the phone


  • The accelerator sometimes conks out, requiring a reset

3. Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike

The Ecotric has a strong aluminum mountain bike frame with a double front fork suspension and fat tires. This configuration provides excellent riding comfort.

This machine comes with a 7-speed Shimano Acera rear derailleur, with hydraulic rear and front disc brakes providing overall safety for the rider. The entire set-up comes with a 1000W motor and a 48V high-quality Lithium-Ion Battery.

The Ecotric Smart Display control system helps the rider access the different features of the e-bike, including hill assist, range variation, and terrain adaptability.

As a result, the rider can access four riding modes: a pedal-assist mode, a fully electric mode, a pedal mode, and a booster mode if you want to push it as you walk or run. Battery charging time is six to eight hours.

The fat tires and double shocks smoothen the ride when you step over roots and rocks. However, it is only recommended for moderate trails, as the electronics might get rocked too much and damaged.


  • Powerful motor
  • The smart display control system assists the rider in accessing the different power modes
  • Fat tires and double shocks allow trail riding
  • Short charging time at six to eight hours
  • Comes with an 18-months warranty for manufacturing defects


  • Weighs a lot at 101.85 lb

4. Velowave Electric Mountain Bike

The Velowave Electric Mountain Bike comes in two colors: black and silver. This e-bike also comes with fat tires, which means you can use it under gravel conditions.

The Velowave’s 750 W motor can reach up to 28 mph, and you can quickly charge its 48 V removable battery at home or the office. The Velowave comes with different models depending on battery size and capacity, tire size, and motor power output. The most powerful configuration is called the Ranger, with a mile range of up to 40 miles at full power assist.

These e-bikes have plenty of safety and power features, like the multi-functional colored LCD, hydraulic disc brakes, hydraulic suspension fork, anti-skidding fat tires, and bright headlights for trail riding at night.

Using the thumb throttle handlebar, you can control the speed, but it is also smartly assisted by an intelligent cadence sensor. 


  • Smart power assist based on pedal power and riding conditions
  • Comfortable riding on both road and gravel
  • The battery is removable and easy to charge
  • Full hydraulic suspension and gear set


  • Tires may have dust on them during unboxing because they were road-tested before packing

5. DJ Super Bike

The DJ Super bike boasts a powerful 750 W motor that can peak to 1000 W output. This e-bike uses 48 V high-quality Samsung or LG battery cells. There are USB ports in the frame that allow phone charging. The step-thru frame offers riders a unique upright riding position, and all riders can mount or dismount quickly. The handlebar installation includes an LCD that shows five pedal assist levels, while the thumb throttle provides riders with 750 W of power on demand.

This e-bike features high-quality tires that provide a comfortable and off-road riding experience. The banana-style cushioned saddle gives riders additional comfort, especially for more extended and bumpier rides.

Safety features include high-quality Tekro or JAK disc brakes, waterproof plugs for the electronics, fork suspension with adjustable pressure, and a Shimano rear derailleur.

The King Meter LCD shows the remaining battery life, speed indicator, time, and distance traveled to have better situational awareness about your machine, your ride, and your environment.


  • High-quality Samsung or LG battery cells
  • Comes with a peak power output of 1000 W
  • Thumb throttle provides on-demand power adjustment
  • King Meter LCD provides situational awareness to the rider


  • Pedaling might be a problem for taller people
  • Brakes are mechanical
  • Tires have no puncture protection

6. Freesky Electric Mountain Bike

The Freesky Electric Mountain Bike includes a powerful rear motor with a peak output of 1130W – this is the most substantial peak power output on this list. This electric bike is certified waterproof and dustproof, with low energy consumption and low noise operation. You can ride this e-bike in multiple terrain conditions, like city roads, gravel, beach sand, and snow.

This e-bike boasts a large battery capacity that can power assist you from 30-80 miles. The frame includes an integrated downtube battery design that you can remove anytime so you can charge at home or in your office. The installation includes a battery lock for theft protection. The frame also has a fork suspension that allows downhill support. Meanwhile, the fat tires offer an anti-slip feature that supports the same downhill condition. The frame is of solid aluminum allowing for a stable riding experience.

The Freesky e-bike comes with a seven-speed Shimano shift system, hydraulic disc brakes, a bright headlight, and a five-level pedal assist mode. You can check the bright LCD for mileage, real-time speed, and remaining battery power, giving you situational awareness throughout your ride.


  • Can be used in multiple terrain and road conditions
  • Certified waterproof and dustproof
  • Powerful peak output from the motor


  • Shock absorbers may not be enough to provide comfortable off-road travel compared to specialized offroad mountain bikes

7. eAhora Azarias Electric Bike

The eAhora Azarias electric bike boasts a quiet 750 W motor to assist riders during the most demanding climbs. The 48 V 18 Ah battery provides the highest energy capacity in this list, giving riders up to 90 miles in pedal-assist mode. The frame has lock-out front suspension, reducing shock from road bumps. This e-bike has fat tires, and is foldable, with a seven-speed Shimano gear shift system.

The fat tires have integrated tire liners for defense against punctures. The bright LCD shows battery power, real-time speed, motor power, mileage, and pedal assist level. The handlebar has a bright LED headlight to provide you with safer night riding.


  • Foldable and portable
  • Has the highest battery capacity
  • Highest range at lowest power assist mode


  • The e-bike is delivered 85% assembled and can be challenging to complete

8. Addmotor Cruiser Electric Bike

The Addmotor electric bike comes with a 70’s style frame design. This e-bike can help riders for up to 55 miles on the lowest power assist mode. Meanwhile, the frame is made from solid alloy and feels very sturdy and stable. The plush saddle is longer than other e-bikes on this list, which attributes to the manufacturer’s goal of giving riders the most comfortable riding experience compared to its competitors.

There is a backlit LCD that has a USB Type-A charging port. The battery is under the frame and easily removable so that you can charge it anywhere. The Addmotor electric bike has integrated wiring with water-resistant connectors and a wiring harness for safety. The installed headlight is controlled from the LCD and powered by the main battery.

You can attain a top speed of 20mph at the highest power mode. The e-bike comes with a seven-speed Shimano chain puller and Kenda fat tires for all-terrain riding.


  • Very sturdy frame
  • Plush saddle for a comfortable riding experience
  • Safety features include waterproof wiring
  • Long battery life, at 800 cycles
  • Rust-resistant chain


  • Delivered 85% assembled
  • It may be not easy to assemble

Buyer’s Guide

You shouldn’t just consider the motor power and battery capacity when buying an electric bike. It would be best to consider other essential factors affecting your riding experience and range. We’ve listed the different factors you should consider before deciding on the best electric bike for you.

Power Output

The motor’s power output is critical because it dictates how much it can assist you during difficult riding conditions, like steep inclines, turning inclines, and rough roads. We highly recommend a power output of 750 W and above.

Battery Capacity

The higher battery capacity means you can use the pedal-assist mode of your electric bike for a longer time. However, it would be best to consider the weight of the battery itself because you may be spending a lot of power compensating for that extra weight.

Tire Size

The tire (and frame) size – height, and thickness -determine many usage factors for your e-bike. Higher tires (and frames) mean a taller person can ride the bike more comfortably, and thicker (or fatter) tires suggest you can use your e-bike in gravel conditions or on moderate trails.

Shock Absorbers and Suspension

It would be best to opt for e-bikes with multiple shock absorbers and suspension systems. Even if you are riding primarily on roads, you might still sometimes find yourself on gravel paths, and these shocks will save your body from bruising. Also, look out for saddles with gel cushioning and under-seat shocks, as these will provide you with comfort during longer rides.

Braking System

Prioritize hydraulic braking systems, if possible, as they react better than mechanical systems. Moreover, look out for those with electric cut-off functions so that your motor’s power assist will not conflict with braking and waste energy.

Safety Features

Your electric bike should have the usual bicycle safety features like headlights and rear lights. It is also better if your pedal powers them (which will require a dynamo/converter). Additionally, it would help if you looked for e-bikes with LCD/LED displays that show relevant information, like your current speed, battery power, distance traveled, the temperature of your motor and batter, and the like. Moreover, you should also consider electric bikes with waterproof plugs to ensure safe riding during rainy days.


1. How can I extend the power assist capacity of my electric bike?

You can extend the power of your e-bike by using the lowest power assist mode. However, you may have to pedal a bit stronger and sweat it out a little more, but your battery will have enough juice left to assist you during steep inclines, which will require higher power assist.

2. Can electric bikes be used when it is raining?

Yes, you can use your e-bike when it is raining if the bike comes with waterproof plugs for all electronic components. The manufacturer in the specifications usually indicates this feature. Electric bikes are generally not waterproof, but they can be splashproof (again, depending on the specifications), so make sure you don’t ride your electric bike in flooded streets. 

Moreover, since it is also a safety concern, it is generally not recommended to bike when it is raining. Especially if you are offroading, as the added slipperiness can cause you to lose control over the vehicle.

3. Can I use electric bikes off-road?

Yes, you can use your e-bike in gravel, trail, or off-road conditions, as long as the manufacturer rated it for such use. Not all e-bikes have the proper suspension system, shock absorbers, and tire size to safely and comfortably in off-road conditions. However, ensure that you don a helmet at all times for your safety.

4. Can I add a seat rack to my electric bike for a passenger?

You may modify your electric bike with a passenger seat rack, but you need to consider the maximum weight capacity of your frame and tires and the power assist capacity of your motor. E-bikes usually have maximum weight capacity for the motor to work correctly for a sustained period. Overloading your e-bike might strain your motor and burn it off.

5. Can I change my electric bike battery to a different brand or one with higher capacity/output?

No. It would be best if you avoided this. Your manufacturer uses the most optimal motor and battery pairing, so if you decide to change your battery, it might affect the motor by having a different output.

The Finish Line

Electric bikes are fast becoming a popular mode of city transportation or recreational machine. Not only do they promote zero carbon emission, but electric bikes also save riders from surging oil prices. Since electric bikes still include mechanical pedaling, it helps riders ease into physical activities again, especially those who have been living a sedentary lifestyle for a long time or are coming off from a physical injury and want to be fit again.

There are now many options for electric bikes that you can choose from for under $2000. It would be best to look for electric bikes with high power output and high battery capacity to enjoy pedal-assist for longer ranges. Besides these factors, you should consider overall safety features like integrated headlights and intelligent displays.

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