Best Cycling Gloves

Worried about your hands while cycling? Check out our review of the 5 best cycling gloves.

Best cycling gloves

Cycling is such fun until your hands start to sweat and lose your grip. If you’re in cold weather, you risk your hands freezing. You’ll need to invest in cycling gloves for these and more reasons.

For one, you need to prepare for accidents. Falling off the bike automatically causes a reflex reaction where you stick your hands out to break the fall. Without gloves to soften the blow, you’ll badly injure your hands.

Additionally, gloves provide a cushion between metal and skin, ensuring a firm yet comfortable grip. The grooves on the bike handles would otherwise dig into your arm for a proper grip.

Furthermore, constant cycling without gloves could cause handlebar palsy. The pressure you exert through direct contact with the bar could cause damage to the ulnar nerve. Therefore, cycling gloves serve a comfort and safety role. Let us look at the best cycling gloves on the market to ease your shopping process.

Best Cycling Gloves

  1. Anqier Winter GlovesBest Cold Weather Cycling Gloves
  2. Giro Monaco II Gel Men’s Road Cycling GlovesBest Value Cycling Gloves
  3. MOREOK Cycling GlovesBest Shock Absorbing Gloves
  4. PEARL IZUMI Women’s Select GloveBest Women’s Cycling Gloves
  5. Boao Kids Half Finger Cycling GlovesBest Cycling Gloves for Kids

1. Anqier Winter Gloves

The Anqier winter gloves are great for cycling when the cold weather kicks in. These gloves have a waterproof lycra surface with cotton fabric inner cushioning to keep you warm. The palms have an anti-skid silicone layer for grip and increase the gloves’ durability. The overall construction makes the glove warm without being chunky. In addition, the elastic wrists help lock in the warmth your hands generate. 

These Anqier gloves allow you to operate a touch screen without removing them. There’s a touch conductive material on the thumb and index finger, enabling you to make a call in chilly weather. 

These gloves are not limited to cycling. Their robust design and warmth make them handy for gardening, running, driving, and any other outdoor activity you prefer. With a one-year product guarantee, you have peace of mind knowing you won’t freeze your finger off in cold weather.


  • Waterproof
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Silicone on palms to prevent slipping
  • Phone screen-sensitive tips enable smartphone use
  • One year warranty
  • Versatile outdoor usage


  • Long finger design is not comfortable for some people
  • Heat retention impossible under extreme cold weather

2. Giro Monaco II Gel Men’s Road Cycling Gloves

If you want a no-frills pair of cycling gloves, then the Giro Monaco II Gel men’s road cycling gloves are for you. The product is in the men’s category, but women can use it too. You only need to select a suitable size. Its minimalist design keeps it light without compromising safety and comfort. The mitts design saves on weight and unnecessary padding in warm weather. Exposing your fingers adds to your grip strength.

These gloves are made from hairsheep leather, which is thin but strong. The tanning process preserves that strength while making the leather water and sweat-resistant. In addition, using leather results in a comfortable fit and finish. There are six sizes available, sufficient for different hand sizes. A relaxed fit prevents bunching when you grip your bicycle’s handles. Bunching would otherwise leave you with blisters and tears on your palms.

The palm is also padded with Technogel, a polyurethane material with excellent pressure distribution properties. The material fills spaces between your palms and the handlebar for maximum grip and comfort. Therefore, your hands will be as comfortable after miles of cycling as they are before you start.

These Giro gloves also have reflective strips on the upper side to ensure visibility for oncoming traffic as you cycle. Furthermore, the gloves offer great value for money considering what you get for their price.


  • Minimalist design
  • Durable leather material
  • Comfortable fit
  • Pads on palm for secure grip
  • Moisture-wicking capability


  • Not ideal for cold weather
  • Minimalist design is not everyone’s favorite

3. MOREOK Cycling Gloves

The MOREOK Cycling Gloves provide the most cushioning and shock absorption on this list

The palm design has 5mm SBR shock-absorbing pads that ensure a firm grip while soaking up shocks through the handlebar. If you fall off the bike, the pads will cushion the impact on your hands, thus keeping you safe. Additionally, there is a silicone pattern on the palms to secure the grip in place. While seeming chunky, the overall material choice keeps these gloves lightweight, thus comfortable to wear for a long time. 

In addition, these gloves keep your hands cool. There are air holes between the SBR pads, and the back is made of breathable lycra material. Furthermore, there is an adjustable elastic band around the wrist to gently yet firmly hold the gloves in position. 

You can also use the back of the gloves to wipe off sweat from your brow as you cycle. Later on, you can easily wring the sweat off the moisture-wicking fabric.


  • Adequate padding for proper shock absorption
  • Lightweight despite the padding
  • Silicone pattern for maximum grip
  • Moisture-wicking back layer for wiping your sweat
  • Breathable design for comfort
  • Easy off hook
  • Versatile use in activities besides cycling


  • Fingertips exposed to callusing
  • Thick padding is not ideal for smaller hands

4. PEARL IZUMI Women’s Select Glove

The PEARL IZUMI Women’s Select Gloves have gel paddings that absorb shock from the handlebars. These gloves are lightweight at only 70 grams and thin in design for maximum comfort despite the padding. The faux leather material makes for highly durable gloves.

The backhand fabric is soft and has moisture-wicking capabilities to help you wipe off sweat as you cycle. In addition, the gloves have a hook and loop design for easy and secure clasping. 


  • Specially designed for female hands
  • Gel foam padding redirects pressure off median and ulnar nerves
  • Durable faux leather palm
  • Breathable fabric and overall design
  • Versatile application beyond cycling


  • Finger size too tight for some
  • Plain design

5. Boao Kids Half Finger Cycling Gloves

The Boao Kids Half Finger Gloves come in three-pair packs, making them affordable considering their pricing. In addition, their eye-catching design makes them ideal for young ones. 

These gloves are durable, with leather patchwork on the tips for improved structural integrity. In addition, the breathable material and half-finger design make them comfortable for kids to use. Furthermore, the exposed fingers help kids with their grip as they practice dexterity. 

The palms of these gloves have a non-skid coating to ensure adequate grip. Additionally, the hook and loop clasp keeps the gloves firmly in place, despite any vigorous activity. These gloves are suitable for other sports besides cycling. Therefore, you have a solution when you take your kids fishing, golfing, hiking, and motorcycling.


  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Breathable fabric for maximum comfort
  • Leather patchwork keeps the gloves sturdy for longer
  • Hook and loop clasp
  • Versatile application


  • The thin design may not offer adequate shock absorption for some
  • The velcro on the clasp may loosen after a while

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Cycling Gloves

You might ask yourself whether you need cycling gloves, as your bike’s handlebars have a soft rubber texture. The answer to that question is that your hands receive the most shock from the bike. Your feet are busy cycling while the bike’s seat has enough padding to keep your bum comfortable. After the front tire hits the ground and other obstacles, the shock travels to your hands. Additionally, your body weight magnifies the effects of that shock. Remember, riding in cold weather exposes your hands before any other body part.

While plenty of cycling gloves are on the market, you need to be keen on certain factors. The cycling gloves that made our list possess these qualities. Here is what to look for in cycling gloves to help you next time you go shopping.

The Type of Glove

You have a choice of either a half-finger or fully enclosed glove design. The half-finger design focuses on the palm of your hand, which makes the most contact with the handlebars. This design is excellent for warm weather since the exposed skin on your fingers helps cool you down. If you intend to cycle in cold weather, consider the alternative.

Fully enclosed gloves cover your entire hand and your wrists. Such gloves are ideal for cold-weather cycling, as well as to protect your skin from the elements. In addition, the full enclosure type may provide a better grip, especially if you intend to cycle for long periods.

The Level of Grip

Besides comfort, cycling gloves increase the grip between your hands and the handlebars. Therefore, determine the amount of grip a given pair has before committing to the purchase. Check to see if there’s a non-skid material such as silicone or leather covering the palm area. The best tend to have a pattern on the palm surface to improve grip further.

The Amount of Shock Absorption

You need to know the gloves’ level of protection if you fall or hit something. There should be ample padding under the grip layer to absorb the force of an impact like falling. Besides such sudden shock, you also need gloves to absorb regular shock from rough terrain. Prolonged impact on your palms could damage the nerves in your hands.  

The Right size

You need to also go for the right glove size. The gloves have first to fit if you’re to reap the benefits of good grip, shock absorption, and comfort. Gloves too small will be uncomfortable, and gloves too big will not provide enough grip. You may make the situation worse than if you wore no gloves. 

While checking for the right size, consider gloves tailored for your specific hands. For example, gloves designed for women tend to fit them more than plain gloves. The same applies to kids’ cycling gloves. Furthermore, check the clasp design. There should be some elastic on the wrist section for proper fit and comfort.


Ideally, cycling gloves should be as thin as possible without sacrificing shock absorption or comfort. While you need gloves that retain warmth for cold-weather cycling, you need cool ones for hot seasons. The best compromise is choosing one with ventilation to allow air circulation

Breathability is a factor of design and choice of material. Considering the design, you should see perforations on the fabric that allow air to reach your skin. If there are no perforations, the material should be porous enough for air circulation. A good rule is to buy gloves depending on the prevalent weather wherever you go cycling.

Secondary considerations

For convenience and added comfort, you should also think beyond function. For example, gloves that allow you to operate a touch screen while still on are great for fast smartphone use. Additionally, gloves with reflective strips help oncoming traffic notice you on dark or foggy roads. You could even go further and choose gloves in colors that complement the rest of your cycling outfit.


To maximize the value, you get from what you’ll spend, consider gloves for more than cycling. For example, cold weather gloves that are good for cycling, shoveling snow, running, or other outdoor activities are better than those strictly for cycling. Similarly, kids’ gloves that they can also go fishing or hiking with are more valuable.


The price of gloves that meet your preferences should be reasonable. Great quality gloves don’t necessarily cost a lot. At the same time, bundle offers help lower those costs further. For example, you’ll find kids’ gloves sold in pairs or three-packs, saving costs and offering variety. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are cycling gloves necessary?

Cycling gloves are an essential investment for anyone who cycles regularly. Such cycling frequency exposes you to potential falls or other accidents. In addition, harsh weather could affect your hands. Sweating could loosen your grip on the handlebars, thus making cycling dangerous. Furthermore, as your hands attempt to get a good grip on the handlebars, they will form calluses.

2. What’s the best design for cycling gloves?

There are different cycling glove designs, but the safety and comfort features share similar concepts. There should be adequate padding in the palm area with a non-skid surface. The fabric on the back section should allow for good air circulation. Preferably, it should also have moisture-wicking properties. The overall design should fit well and remain comfortable after prolonged use. 

3. What are the best cycling gloves for cold weather?

Cold weather cycling gloves need to retain as much warmth as you need. These are the fully enclosed type with ample cushioning to keep your hands warm. In addition, they should be waterproof to prevent moisture build-up in the gloves that could prove too uncomfortable for you. The best gloves will allow you to operate your phone without needing to remove them.

4. What are the best cycling gloves for warm weather?

With their half-finger design, warm weather cycling gloves help you lose body heat as fast as possible. Additionally, they are made from breathable fabrics that allow air circulation to keep your hands cool. You’ll also notice air vents and perforations to encourage more air circulation. The best ones don’t sacrifice comfort and grip for air circulation, ensuring the palm section is well padded. 

5. How often should I clean my cycling gloves?

Ideally, clean your cycling gloves after each trip. Sweaty damp gloves offer a perfect place for bacteria and fungi to infest and thrive. Using such gloves next time exposes your skin to diseases like fungal infections. In addition, the gloves will be uncomfortable to wear in such a state. 

Use soapy water and rinse thoroughly before airing them. Allow the gloves to completely dry before using them. Damp gloves are just as dangerous as sweaty ones in causing skin infections. 

The Finish Line

Cycling is a great outdoor activity for promoting health and well-being and sightseeing. You get to discover new trails or stick to your preferred route. In addition, you don’t have to fuel the bicycle, yet you get to go places. It’s essential to have the right bike and cycling attire for comfort and safety. As such, cycling gloves deserve as much attention as the rest of your gear. 

While those who cycle once in a while and for short distances may feel they don’t need the gloves, your situation is different. You need to protect your hands, prevent long-term nerve damage, minimize the effects of the weather, and ensure comfort. Cycling gloves may seem like a minor inclusion, but they serve a critical function.

You’ll see many options on the market, but you need to find suitable gloves. Focus on cycling gloves that offer ample shock-absorbing padding and a comfortable fit. In addition, choose between half-finger and fully enclosed gloves, depending on the prevalent temperatures where you cycle. 

We have simplified the shopping process for you with our list of the best cycling gloves. Pick an appropriate one among them to start enjoying your favorite pastime.

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