Best BMX Freestyle Bikes  

Not all freestyle BMX bikes are created equal. Here's a list of the best ones on the market and how to choose the right one for you.

Best BMX freestyle bikes

BMX is the most progressive and inclusive way to ride a bicycle. The sport mixes Coastal culture with urban stunt riding and hard-nosed competition in the country. Since its inception, BMX has gone from repurposed Schwinn bikes to “terrors” that weigh 12 pounds for a younger population to the adult 29-inch Bike Life bikes known for their crowd-attracting spins.

BMX was created to introduce younger riders to motocross racing. The trainers used single-speed bikes for the training, which resulted in the emergence of BMX riding as a distinctive sport. Racing and freestyle are the two main types of BMX riding. Racing is about speed, while freestyle BMX riding is about tricks. Hence, the BMX bikes are made to perform stunts on roadside features, skate parks, and dirt jumps.

Therefore, the implication is that the frame metals, wheels, and other components must be strong and lightweight. There are four sub-genres of BMX freestyle riding, each with its type of bike. First, there is Flatland – flat surface tricks spun by a BMX freestyle rider. Secondly, the Park involves skate park riding with many small aerial stunts using skate ramps. Thirdly, Street – racing through artificial obstacles. Finally, Vert – huge air jumps and massive tricks off a big ramp or halfpipe.

Different brands offer different specifications for BMX bikes, depending on the purpose. Bikes by Mongoose and Fit Bikes are perfect for freestyling due to their flexibility. On the other hand, Supercross offers race bikes with 12 frame sizes for 20-inch wheels. All BMX Freestyle bikes have an endurance structure with a sturdy steel frame to withstand the sport’s rigor. Most new freestyle bikes on the market resemble the bikes from the 1980s and 1990s.

In this article, you’ll learn all about BMX bikes and the best BMX freestyle bikes available on the market. 

The Best BMX Freestyle Bikes

BMX has become a sport with a considerable following. An impressive range of bike brands is actively competing for the top spot for the best BMX freestyling bikes. We, therefore, considered agility, flexibility, and general performance to bring you the following list of the 11 best BMX freestyle bikes.

The Top 5 from our List:

  1. Sunday Bikes Aaron Ross ForecasterThe all-rounder 
  2. WeThePeople Audio 22 –  Best value for money 
  3. Mafiabikes Kush 2 BMX BikeExcellent for beginners 
  4. Haro BlackoutBest for veteran riders 
  5. Flybikes Omega FreecoasterMost ideal for tall riders 

1. Sunday Bikes Aaron Ross Forecaster

Source Sunday

In general, there are many things to like about the Aaron Ross Forecaster. The bike is full of Sunday and Odyssey goodies that make it aggressive. The Odyssey grips and seats contrast nicely with the matte pink frame giving the bike a beautiful look. Additionally, the bike’s Chromoly cranks, the Freecoaster clutch, and the Mexican Blanket pivoting seat are some of its outstanding features. The Sunday Sabretooth 25T steel sprocket and Lightning rims are responsible for the smooth movement of the bike.

The Odyssey Twisted PC Pro Pedals and Sunday Lightning 20-inch rims give the bike an elegant freestyle look. The Aaron Ross Forecaster has Springfield U-brakes and Odyssey Quik slic brake cables to handle the rigors of BMX freestyle. Furthermore, every bearing in the Ross Forecaster is sealed, which means less maintenance and a smooth roll. The bike also has a high-performance M16 aluminum alloy cap and 14g steel spokes, making it a perfect BMX freestyle bike.


  • Super affordable 
  • Comes with three pc cranks
  • Available in many color options
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Lightweight Chromoly frame
  • All sealed bearings
  • The Freecoaster rear hub allows for more fakie tricks


  • Expensive to maintain

2. WeThePeople Audio 22

WeThePeople (WTP) has been making complete bikes for the BMX world for more than 20 years. It’s, therefore, safe to say that the brand knows what they’re doing. WTP has a solid place in the market with a long history of bikes that cover all types of BMX and all price ranges. More extended and slacker bikes have become common to suit riders who like to go fast and high. However, adding length and slackness isn’t always the best option in a skatepark. Therefore, more stability was required, and WeThePeople came up with the perfect solution with Audio 22.

The Audio 22 is made to be the best 22-inch complete on the market. Many high-end features push it up the best freestyle BMX bike ladder. The bike’s frame also features 4130 full Sanko tubing, tapered stays, removable brake pivots, and guides. The fork has a beefed-up steerer that can take a lot of abuse. Additionally, the bike suits taller riders looking for a bike that fits their size without losing the BMX feel.

Furthermore, a 21.9″ TT and a 9″ rise bar will comfortably help taller riders get into the proper riding position. A 14.1-14.7″ rear end length is about half an inch longer than you’d usually find on a smaller wheeled bike. This feature helps keep the bike balanced and agile and makes it a little more stable. Additionally, the head angle is 74.5°, and the seat angle is 71° to give the rider proper focus on his stunts and tricks. Undoubtedly, the audio has kept its BMX roots while maintaining the aggression of today’s competitive demands.


  • Fairly priced
  • High-quality construction
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for taller riders 
  • Exceptional stability


  • Spare parts are scarce

3. Mafiabikes Kush 2 BMX Bike

Source Mafiabike

The Kush 2 is the bike you can bank on if you’re new to BMX Freestyle bikes. It uses parts from the upper 3 in its category with the same geometry. Therefore, you don’t have to adapt to a new style as your needs grow and deepen. The Kush 2 looks and works better on the street because the forks have tapered blades that give it agility. The Mafia Kush 2 is an entry-level bike that looks good and has the parts to back it up.

The bike’s stand-out components include a fat logo crawler tire, top load stem, sealed mid-BB, and 4130 3-piece cranks. In addition, the bike has a padded fixed seat with logo stamping, double-wall wheels with a curved seat stay bridge, and CNC machined internal headset. It is also made of high-strength steel and a sealed bottom bracket, among other impressive components. 

Furthermore, the Kush2 is a new Freestyle BMX rider’s darling who wants a small bike with the ability to move quickly and smoothly. At about 26 lbs, the bike is lightweight and easy to control. In addition, the kush 2 is relatively affordable for its high-end look and features. Mafia bikes have excellent geometry that comes with a smooth ride, perfect for the BMX freestyle arena.


  • A high-spec lightweight BMX
  • Single-wall aluminum front rim and a double wall back
  • Has fat crawler street tires, tapered fork legs, u-brake
  • Has aftermarket Lucky 6 grips fittings
  • Has a variety of selection


  • No user guide

4. Haro Blackout

Source HARO

The HARO Blackout is Haro’s top-of-the-line BMX racing bike, with the only upgrade being a Haro Citizen Carbon frame. However, Haro does not offer a complete bike with a carbon frame.

Unfortunately, the Blackout does not presume to be a good bike for beginners. This predator’s low center of gravity and lightweight 7005 aluminum frame also promote speed and agility over brute strength. A tapered alloy tube carbon fork sits atop the Blackout’s head tube for improved handling at high speeds.

The Blackout isn’t the most affordable bike on the market, but the parts explain why. The front CLiQ Citizen carbon fork is light and stiff to give you maximum control. In addition, the Blackout frame is serious about converting your power into linear speed with 3D dropouts and the Blackout Power Transfer Center. The bike also has CLiQ Weaponz 2-piece cranks and the CLiQ BB86 press-fit bottom bracket.

Even though the Blackout doesn’t come with pedals, most racers prefer to use their brand of clipless pedals. The Blackout is a dangerous speed machine in the BMX freestyle race track with its arsenal of aftermarket parts. If you are a fearless pro rider with a passion for speed, the Haro Blackout is the bike to take to a BMX freestyle event.


  • Comes with Haro alloy CNC top load stem and heat-treated Chromoly Addict 8″ bars
  • Promax Click clamp-on grips
  • Has CLiQ Weaponz 2-piece CNC alloy crank 175mm covered with CLiQ BB86 bottom bracket
  • CLiQ tapered integrated sealed bearing headset
  • Available in 21″ or 21.5″ TT
  • Fully sealed wheels with double-wall rims


  • Low-quality parts for the newer versions

5. Flybikes Omega Freecoaster

Source Flybikes

The Omega Freecoaster shows Flybikes’ desire to manufacture everything in-house. The bike is built using Flybike’s tools and components from start to finish. The Freecoaster has additional features that make the bike stand out in the BMX world.

Additionally, the bike has a 9.5 inches raising the bar and a new Omega 27mm offset fork with the same CNC steerer tube. It also has an aftermarket Volcano fork, Volcano ST top load stem, and a rear hub guard on the drive side. These inclusions are not just beauty marks but significant performance enhancers that make the Omega the rider’s favorite. Their Volcano 2 stem is visible upfront, with a Tractor XL 25T sprocket spinning in the middle. Where Flybikes don’t use their favorite parts, Trebol comes up with the creativity that makes their bike stand out. 

Furthermore, this Freecoaster doesn’t just boast Flybikes and Trebol brand parts but also a range of aftermarket parts. The bike also comes with a full Chromoly frame ready to ride right out of the box.

The Omega Freecoaster is a simple but effective performance bike. A taller top tube than the stock one makes the bike feel more controlled and less responsive. A smaller top tube size, on the other hand, makes the bike feel much more responsive and sharp. The Omega Freecoaster is available in Gloss Pearl White and Flat Black. This bike is ideal for BMX riders standing between 5’7″ and 6’4″ tall.


  • It comes with a crank with 48 spline
  • Brake mounts that can be taken off
  • It has 9″ Chromoly bars
  • Suitable for taller riders too 
  • Offers better control
  • Available in two attractive colors


  • Quality parts are limited

6. Mongoose Legion Freestyle L40 BMX Bike

Mongoose BMX bikes are known for speed, power, durability, and performance. The Mongoose Legion Freestyle L40 BMX Bike is great for beginners who want to experience off-road BMX cycling. The bike’s high-quality parts make it easy to ride. In addition, the bike easily accommodates riders between four and five feet tall.

The L40 bike has a sturdy frame to handle any terrain and BMX crashes. 

Besides its strength, the bike also has a responsive braking system that works well on roads and in BMX freestyle situations. When on bumpy terrain, the steering linked to the wheels and brakes gives you better control over the bike.

Apart from freestyle BMX cycling, the Mongoose Legion L40 BMX Bike is ideal for off-road riding. Additionally, the bike is beginner-friendly as you can take advantage of its 26lbs to sharpen your stunts. Compared to other BMX freestyle bikes, the Mongoose Legion L40’s pricing is reasonable for its performance, agility, and aggression.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Great value for money
  • Clear assembly instructions
  • Can accommodate riders of different heights 
  • High-quality construction
  • Lightweight, perfect for learners
  • Reliable braking system


  • Lacks aluminum framework

7. Elite Bicycles Stealth BMX

BMX’s Stealth series is an excellent all-in-one for anyone who wants to start riding. The bike performs well on the street, dirt, and park. Elite’s Stealth 20-inch BMX bike is one of the best freestyle BMX bikes. Even though Elite BMX makes different models for BMX riding enthusiasts, the Stealth Freestyle bike is one of their best-selling models. 

It does not come preassembled. Instead, you’ll get all the parts you need to assemble and put the bike to the test.

The aluminum alloy used to make the wheels of the Elite Stealth is light, strong, and durable. The big tires and tread also ensure the rider gets the speed and grip needed for freestyle BMX. In addition to the effective U-brake, Its single alloy lever on the handlebar can also help slow down the bike at high speeds. The safety specs of this bike are one of the many reasons to put it on the top list of the best BMX freestyle bikes.


  • Affordable freestyle bike
  • Beginner pegs are included
  • Depending on personal preferences, users can choose from eight color options
  • 2.5″ tires good for both dirt and pavement
  • Easy to assemble
  • Usable by children, teenagers, and adults
  • Hi-tensile steel bars
  • Fat tires with excellent tread


  • Some users reported missing assembly instructions

8. Mongoose Legion L500

Mongoose has a full line of freestyle BMX bikes for all ages, the L500 being the most popular.

The L500 is most likely one of the best complete BMX bikes that you can get on a budget.

Furthermore, the top tube is 21 inches long; the back end is short; the head angle is 75 degrees; the BB has low and removable brake lugs. Additionally, there is a 25T aluminum chainring and a mid-sealed bearing bottom bracket on the bike.

There’s also a 9T cog sealed bearing freecoaster rear hub and wide aluminum double-wall 36H rims for the front hub. Moreover, an integrated threadless sealed headset, marble grips, and 4130 Chromoly handlebars and fork complete the L500 build, the U-brake lever and brake lever are also made of aluminum to maximize the braking power.


  • Double-wall rims
  • Lightweight with high features
  • Highly affordable bike
  • Aluminum frame
  • Sealed bearing for front and rear hub
  • Easy to assembly


  • Maintenance is costly

9. Kink Liberty

Source SkatePro

The Kink Liberty is true to its name when liberating its riders. The bike has no brakes and no pegs, which gives the rider complete freedom to move. The Liberty also has removable brake mounts, and a full Mission brake set to suit those who need brakes.

It features 100% 4130 Chromoly built and sealed bearings, giving it a unique look. Additionally, the two plastic pegs make this bike ready to grind right out of the package. The Kink Liberty also has a unique gloss navy fade color with all black parts and accessories giving it an attractive street look.

Furthermore, the Liberty model comes with Kink Bold HRD stem, Kink Eagle CC 4-piece bars, Kink Ridge 3-piece tubular Chromoly cranks, and Kink Trident forks. Along with that comes removable brakes, two plastic pegs, and street-style Kink Sever 2.4″ tires which make this bike an actual street machine.


  • Built with lots of Kink and Mission chrome parts
  • With its stealth seat system, you can easily adjust your seat’s angle
  • Maintenance is easy with its fully sealed headset, cassette hub, and bottom bracket
  • Comes with removable brakes
  • Features sturdy 2.4” tires


  • There is only one color option

10. Framed Defendant BMX Bike

The Minnesota-based Framed bikes aim at producing quality BMX bikes at fair prices. Their new Framed Defendant Pro bike has a new 22″ wheel and tire size, unique to its kind. Chromoly, which is lighter than high-tensile steel but does not bend as much, makes the bike more comfortable to ride. Framed also uses a hollow-armed Chromoly 3-piece crankset with clearly documented specs. The Framed Defendant Pro has a 3/8″ front axle and loose ball sealed hubs front and rear for smooth rotation.

The 22″ wheels make the frame bigger and longer, which makes the bike’s handling better. A Chromoly handlebar with grips also ensures you never lose control of the steering. Because the bike has 22″ wheels, it moves farther and faster with each pedal stroke. The area between the tire and the pavement also gets bigger, making it easier for the tire to grip the ground and stay in place.

The Defendant Pro is one of the best BMX freestyle bikes available in the market today on the budget. Framed sells and delivers the Defendant Pro in parts. It’s therefore advisable to assemble the bike under the guidance of a certified mechanic. Framed bikes will nullify the Defendant Pro’s warranty assembled by a technician with the necessary qualifications. Plus, if the bike isn’t put together correctly, it could cause damage and injury to the rider.


  • An entry-level BMX, good for beginners
  • Comes with stickers to personalize the bike’s appearance
  • The Defendant is light compared to other beginner bikes
  • The Defendant’s components are durable for learning basic tricks


  • The bike’s warranty is void if not professionally assembled

11. Redline Bikes Proline Race BMX

Redline is a well-known brand in the world of BMX. The brand has been producing quality BMX bikes since the 1970s and is at the forefront of the sport’s culture. Redline has spent years perfecting their BMX bikes with the best materials. Redline’s Proline is a BMX race bike that has taken over the freestyle scene. It comes in three-wheel sizes, making it usable across all age groups. It is also available in XL for riders up to 6’1” tall. The brand offers a lifetime warranty on its frame, which is made up of aluminum and is very lightweight.

Redline added an in-built sealed hub, 2-piece alloy forged cranks, and a head tube to keep this aluminum frame from breaking down over time. These extras make the aluminum frame as strong as steel. The seat components also include very little material, making it easy to move around. It also keeps extra weight off the rider making the bike easier to maneuver. Unfortunately, the seat isn’t very comfortable, but you can replace it with a comfier one or use a seat cover. 

Quality tires and vital breaks give you the control to do freestyle tricks safely. Whether you’re on a race track or a freestyle arena, you can trust these Proline parts to deliver. Furthermore, the chain tensioners also strengthen your chains to prevent breakage or jamming.


  • The Proline comes with 16″, 18″, or 20″ wheels
  • Has a strong aluminum frame
  • The bike is easy to move
  • The v-brakes give the rider good stopping power
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in XL for taller riders needing a longer reach
  • The bike’s frame has a lifetime warranty


  • The bike has a stiff plastic seat

What to Consider When Buying The Best BMX Freestyle Bikes

It doesn’t get any better than this when buying a new BMX bike. Today, more and more manufacturers are producing more and more models at a broader range of prices than ever before. Even BMX frames and parts are now lighter and more robust. 

In most cases, you can change color schemes to create a one-of-a-kind vehicle that expresses your personality. There are so many good options in BMX today that you might not know where to begin if you randomly walked into a store. However, not all BMX bikes will serve your needs. There are bikes meant for races and others specifically for freestyling. Here are some tips to help you choose the best BMX bikes for freestyle.


The tires on a BMX freestyling bike are probably the most critical component. Tire selection affects the bike’s speed, grip, and handling because they are the first point of contact with the riding surface. Smooth-rolling, wider tires are preferable for Street and Park freestyling because they roll faster than lower inflated tires. Additionally, they protect the rim from damage after hard landings. On the other hand, dirt jumpers prefer tires with more tread and a lower pressure for better traction on the dirt. You can, however, easily swap and replace tires if you need to.


Kids, teenagers, and adults ride freestyle BMX bikes. Therefore, the bike’s frame size varies slightly to suit the rider’s style and height. Riders need a 21inch top tube, and a shorter seat stays for airborne tricks. However, flatland frames are usually lighter and have shorter tubing for enhanced control and balance. Additionally, they have a steeper head angle and small rear axles. Slacker head angles and longer wheelbases allow for better handling and stability at speed. Select a comfortable bike size for your height to get the most out of your new freestyling bike.


Freestyle and entry-level BMX race bikes are mostly built using Chromoly 4130 steel. Chromoly is alloyed steel that outperforms cheaper ‘Hi-tensile’ steels in budget and department store bikes. Moreover, steel is highly fatigue resistant and easy to repair which makes it a preferred choice for these bikes. Thankfully, steel offers some additional compliance to the ride, which is comfortable and veers pressure away from the rider’s body.


Freestyle bikes typically have 32mm rims. However, If you plan to hit the wheels harder, go for a 36mm rim. Single, double, or triple walled aluminum rims provide more structural support, although that comes with an increased bike weight. Many freestyle riders prefer double-wall because it offers an exceptional balance of weight and strength. If you are an advanced rider who puts more demand on your bikes, the aftermarket wheels will better suit your requirements. You will, however, need to be more selective with rims and spoke count.


All freestyle BMX pedals have a wide platform to reduce weight. Plastic pedals are also slightly less harsh than metal pedals in the event of a shin blow. The pedal axle is 9/16 inch; on one-piece cranks, it is ½ in. Buying new pedals necessitates knowing your shoe size. A flat pedal is helpful for beginners while they gain confidence and independence in handling and gate starts.

Rider Protection

Freestyle BMX bikes are built to take abuse – you are not. Crashing and impacting, often on the hardened floors in a park or street surroundings, is part of the sport’s experience curve. Therefore, you should get a bike with a BMX helmet, gloves, elbow and knee pads, and other safety gear. The safety will protect shins from the cheese-grater effect of sharp pedals. Skate-style shoes having waffle soles ensure maximum grip for enhanced control.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does BMX stand for?

BMX stands for bicycle motorcycle cross and is similar to a motocross bike. However, unlike motocross machines, which use powerful engines, these vehicles use pedal power.

2. What are the different types of BMX bike freestyling?

Freestyle BMXers can ride almost anywhere. Streets and skate parks can become their playground. BMX freestyling has three distinct categories; street, Park, and Vert. The street BMX bike has smoother tires for speed and traction. The bike’s frame has a reinforcement to withstand impact forces. The bike also has disc brakes on both the front and back wheels. 

Park BMX bikes have a thicker frame for better impact resistance. Also, the bike has double brakes and a small cassette and crank. It’s all about speeding up and launching the bike into the air in Vert biking. The BMX vert rider performs various tricks in mid-air before returning to the halfpipe.

3. What is the best BMX freestyle bike?

The best BMX freestyle bike will depend on your needs and specifics, such as the rider’s height. The beauty of BMX freestyle bikes is that they are customizable to your specific preferences. However, you can take a chance on the above-listed bikes and not be disappointed.

4. Can you race on a freestyle bike?

You can race on a freestyle BMX bike by removing the pegs and adding the rear brake. To attain faster speeds, try a higher gear ratio. Changing gears is optional but advisable.

The Finish Line

BMX freestyling is art turned into a sport by riding enthusiasts. BMX freestyling is one of today’s most enjoyable sports for all ages. With the specially designed BMX freestyle bikes, you can enjoy simply complex stunts on these specially designed bikes. Options for freestyle and recreational riders are greater.

However, selecting the best freestyle BMX bike goes down to your preference. Sunday, for instance, offers skatepark-specific bikes with wheels ranging from 12 to 22 inches and various frame sizes. If this suits your needs, that would be the best bike for you. Although 24 and 27.5-inch wheels are available, the BikeLife crowd prefers 26 or 29-inch wheels, which are safer for freestyling.

In your 30s or older, consider a 24-inch wheel or larger. Most 20-inch BMX frames have bottom brackets higher than axles for ground clearance. When in doubt, go for a 26-inch or even a 29-inch, as you will get better performance while guaranteeing your safety. BMX freestyle is getting more competitive by the day. You have to have an eye for quality when choosing your next bike to ensure that you get the best freestyle BMX bike possible.