Best BMX Brands

Check the best brands out there and learn how to choose them. Ride on!

Best BMX brands

A thrill-seeker’s outdoor experience is not complete without mucking it up on a dirt bike or performing nifty stunts while riding. BMX bikes are specially built to let you flex your inner stuntman.

A Google search or a search through any catalog of the best BMX bikes will show you bikes from several BMX brands.

But, before making a pick, you’d undoubtedly want to know which of them are the best BMX brands on the market. While there are a lot of top-rated brands, there are also some lesser-known brands of superior quality.

In this article, we will be featuring five of the best BMX brands on the market, their features, pros, and cons. We’ll also add some honorable mentions after our main list.

  1. Mongoose – Best Overall
  2. Eastern Bikes – Great Quality & Customer Service
  3. Elite – Best Value
  4. Framed Bikes – Most Affordable
  5. Mafia Bikes – Good for Beginners

1. Mongoose

If you do a Google search for the best brands or bikes for BMX, you will always come across Mongoose. Mongoose, as a brand, makes the market’s most superior bikes for beginners. Their high-performance bikes range from mountain bikes to BMX bikes to electric scooters for children and adults. Compared to most other competitors, Mongoose BMX bikes give users more value for their money

The Mongoose brand has been in the bike-making scene for nearly five decades. They have thus built a name and become an authority in the BMX industry. The Mongoose idea was born in the mid-seventies out of a need to create more durable BMX bikes. About a year after the idea was born, the premier BMX Mongoose bike was made. Owing to its top-notch features, the bike became a best-seller, therefore shooting the Mongoose brand into the limelight. To date, many still use the terms mongoose and BMX interchangeably; that’s how synonymous they’ve both become over the years.

Some of the best BMX riders in the world have made Mongoose their number one choice. Mongoose has 19 BMX bikes currently available on its official website for all ages. The most popular Mongoose BMX bike is the Legion L20, and many users love it for its many excellent features. Like all Mongoose BMX bikes, this bike possesses a hi-tensile steel frame. Mongoose BMX bikes have frames that make them ideally suited for stunts, tricks, and off-road biking. Some of the Mongoose BMX models also come with freestyle pegs to optimize their freestyle efficiency.

Many newbie BMX racers love mongoose BMX bikes due to their beginner-friendly features. However, they are also an excellent choice for mid-level cyclists. Mongoose BMX bikes have adjustable seat posts and sturdy wheels, making the bike easy to get used to. Overall, Mongoose makes the highest quality durable BMX bikes at affordable prices.


  • Sturdy frame
  • Adjustable seats
  • Responsive brake system
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Great for mid-level cyclers
  •  Affordable price
  • Decent warranty


  • Not suitable for pro cyclists
  • U-brakes are not very durable

2. Eastern Bikes

Eastern Bikes as a brand has been making great quality bikes since it was founded in North Carolina in 1996. Since its inception, this rider-owned company has committed itself to build the best and most durable products at a competitive price. Eastern Bikes makes not only a range of high-quality BMX bikes but also mountain and leisure bikes. Also, the company makes the components of each of these bikes as well as creates their designs.

Many users of the Eastern Bikes’ BMX bikes hail the bikes for their sturdy frame and their brilliance. The bike’s frame tubings are made from dent-resistant material and are lighter than the average bike’s. Eastern Bike’s attention to detail is very apparent in all their designs. Their BMX lineup includes bikes for children, teenagers, and adults and also includes bikes from beginner-level to professional.

Eastern Bikes’ best-selling BMX bike, the “Paydirt,” is a beginner-friendly bike made from hi-tensile steel. This entry-level bike has a “pro-level” feel owing to its sprocket, pedals, and overall design. Cyclers are sure to enjoy a seamlessly smooth ride with this bike as its front, and rear hubs are sealed hubs. This feature makes the hubs less prone to wear also. The axle of this BMX bike is made from high-strength Chromoly. Its patent leather seats with Eastern crest are also adjustable for optimal comfort.

Besides these, one of the brand’s core values is providing excellent customer service. Online reviews of this brand and its products have affirmed the timely and efficient service the brand offers towards customer requests and complaints.


  • Sealed hubs for smooth cycling
  • Securely welded frame
  • Excellent customer service
  • Wide range of BMX bikes


  • Pricier than average

3. Elite

Compared to the other brands on our list, Elite BMX is a new player in the BMX bikes industry. Elite BMX deals in only BMX bikes, and this BMX brand creates some of the most affordable and durable bikes. Although Elite BMX has only been in the industry for about five years, they have some impressive BMX bikes in their catalog. From the STEALTH to CMNDR to the DESTRO series, BMX cyclists will find a suitable bike for their style.

The California-based company makes all its bike frames from steel. Besides their range of beginner bikes, the brand also makes mid-level and high-end BMX bikes. These bikes have high ratings on many online review sites. The most popular series, the STEALTH, has 2.4″ tires, making them great for use on paved roads and dirt. These bikes usually include pegs that let the bike handle many beginner tricks. Elite BMX ensures that each bike has reinforced welds for durability and longevity.

The DESTRO series, on the other hand, with many upgraded features, is perfect for mid-level cyclists. One of this series’s more popular BMX bikes is the Black Combat. This bike features 20″ & 18″ tires, a 20″ top tube, with a hi-tensile frame. It is thus perfect for use as a freestyle BMX bike, perfectly suited for both paved roads and dirt roads. The Chrome Combat is suitable for riders from 4’0″ to 5’10”.


  • Great for dirt racing
  • Perfect for freestyle BMX
  • Relatively affordable bikes
  • Wide range of BMX bikes
  • Different colors available


  • Some users report uncomfortable seats

4. Framed Bikes

This bicycle company operates in the center of one of the most bicycle-friendly states in the world. Besides BMX bikes, Framed Bikes make mountain bikes, and women’s bikes, as well as bike parts and accessories. This Minnesota-based bike brand is committed to building and designing tough and attractive BMX bikes to meet the needs of its customers.

Framed Bikes stock a range of BMX bikes suitable for freestyle and off-road biking for children and adults. These bikes have received great reviews on different review sites. The most popular of their BMX bikes include the Framed Impact and Framed Attack Pro. The Attack Pro features 20-inch tires and a 100% Chromoly fork.

Another popular BMX bike from Framed is the Framed Counsel. This bike’s frame is built with 6061 alloy, thus making it lighter than steel-made frames. This alloy also increases the bike’s resistance to impact. The Counsel features 27.5″ x 2.1″ tires with two-piece handlebars made from hi-tensile steel.

Framed Bikes also offers a money-back guarantee for unused items. However, this warranty might be annulled if the bike is not assembled by a professional.


  • An attractive lineup of bikes
  • Features Chromoly forks
  • Lightweight, durable bikes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for unused bikes
  • Some bikes feature longer top tubes for bigger riders


  • Unprofessional assembly voids warranty
  • Tools for assembly not included
  • Some bike axles too wide for pegs

5. Mafia Bikes

This bike brand has a fresh appeal to many young cyclers. Mafia bikes’ attention to detail in producing and designing their BMX bikes is very evident. This bike company started in 2009 with a group of ardent and committed riders and enthusiasts as founders.

The BMX bikes sold by Mafia Bikes target beginner and mid-level cyclers. The design of Mafia Bike’s BMX bikes is one of their standout qualities. Their BMX bikes are also quite affordable. The Mafia bikes Kush 2+ is a BMX bike for teenagers and adults suitable for trail rides. The bike also comes with 2.4″ fat tires and Mafia Bike’s Lucky 6 grips, optimizing the bike for freestyling.


  • Lightweight bike
  • Affordable BMX bike
  • Color varieties


  • No instruction manual included
  • Pedals might not be durable

Buying Guide For The Best BMX Brands

With so many BMX brands in the market, you may be spoilt for choice trying to pick a suitable brand. Also, if you’re looking for the best BMX brands, it’s most likely because you need to find the best BMX bike. Thus, this buying guide lists the factors you should consider in the BMX brand and the bike itself. With these few important factors in mind, you’d be able to determine which brand is worth spending your coins on.

Your Preferences/Goals

Before any other considerations, it is best to keep your preferences in mind before looking out for products. There must be certain preferences you will have when it comes to the build of the bike itself and the company that makes it. For example, do you need a BMX bike for freestyling or off-road cycling, a beginner-friendly BMX bike, or one for pros?

If you have a few non-negotiable features concerning your desired brand bike, you’d be able to easily rule out some brands before considering the other factors on our list.

Your budget

Some BMX brands are more expensive than others. If you have a limited budget, you should consider ruling out the more expensive brands and looking through affordable brands for a BMX bike with the best value for your money.

Company Guarantees/Warranties

It’s important to know a company’s product warranty, guarantees, and return policy before patronizing them. This helps give buyers a safety net in case of unforeseen events after purchasing a BMX bike. Also, get to know their return policies, and if you’re comfortable with the terms, you can go for it. It’s also necessary to determine if any actions may void your bike’s warranty.

Frame Materials

One of the things you must look for in a BMX bike is the framing materials. Depending on your purpose for getting the bike, your bike might be taking a beating every once in a while. Thus, you must ensure that your bike’s frame can hold up. Do some research into the framing material and materials of the other bike parts to ensure their durability.

Customer Reviews

Lastly, dig through the customer reviews and expert reviews of the BMX brides you’re considering. This is an easy and inexpensive way to get unbiased information about the brand/product. This might let you know if the company is living up to its claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I cruise with a BMX bike?

The short answer is No. BMX bikes are not optimized for prolonged cruising. So, to preserve the longevity of your BMX bike, only use it for the purposes it’s best suited for.

2. How long can my BMX bike last?

A good quality BMX bike frame might last for many years, although many BMX bikes will last for an average of three years, some longer. However, the lifespan of a BMX bike depends on several factors. If the parts are services when due with necessary repairs and replacements made, you may increase the lifespan of your bike.

The Finish Line

In this article, we explore the best BMX bikes on the market. These BMX bikes have several standout features. Also, many of the brands make bikes for children, teens, and adults. Many of these bikes are also great for freestyling and off-road biking.

Other brands worthy of note are Sunday and Haro bikes. These bikes also offer solid BMX options for beginner to pro-level cyclers. We’ve chosen the best BMX bikes to make our list, and we’re sure you’ll find one that’s a great fit.