Best BMX Bikes for Adults

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Best BMX bikes for Adults

BMX bikes are some of the strongest bikes on the market, and it is ideal for working out and racing. They are also a favorite for stunt riding, and if you prefer using bikes as a means of transportation, BMX bikes are durable for that purpose. Many people are already using them.

Typically, getting bikes for transportation that lasts for a while can be arduous. If you have to use bikes for workouts or moving from one place to another, you understand the need for suitable bikes without breaking the bank. Fortunately, some options make selections easy.

Before now, these bikes were designed for sporting events on rough terrains. However, they have become modified to accommodate other sports and purposes without losing their durability and style. It is not just about the first BMX bike that comes your way. So, it is important to know the most suitable one for your specific needs.

Many brands manufacture fantastic BMX bikes for adults so you will find a wide array of options. In light of this, we have created this article with a review of the best BMX bikes for adults available on the market.

Review of the Top BMX Bikes for Adults

  1. Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX Bike – Top-rated BMX Bike
  2. Mongoose Legion L500 BMX Bike – Best Freestyle
  3. Avasta Freewheel BMX Bike – Ideal Lightweight Bike
  4. Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike – Best for Beginners
  5. Elite BMX Stealth Bike – Easy to Put Together

1. Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX Bike

Mongoose BMX bikes are built for strength and racing. They create room for a rider to reach the limits of what they can do. What’s more, the bikes are easily affordable without compromising quality.

If you are an intermediate rider or even a professional, the Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX bike may be ideal. Its frame is aluminum, the professional-grade 6061 tectonic T1 biaxial butted and hydroformed type. This material makes it durable for all terrains and even for workouts. The bike is also ideal for tall people, young and old.

The top tube length is 21.77 inches with a frame weight of 3.44 lbs. A 50 mm stem and sealed bearing headset join the 6.5 inches 4130 Chromoly handlebars and fork. This combination does not only make for aesthetics but also strength and top performance, and it means the bike does not quickly wear out.

Another perk of using this bike is its lightweight nature. Even though it is made with high-quality reinforced aluminum, it is not heavy to maneuver. Therefore, you can use it for several purposes. While it is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders, beginners may also find it suitable because it is easy to use. Generally speaking, the brakes, rims, tires, and handlebars work in sync, withdrawing pressure as they should.


  • Rider height ranging from 5ft. 3inches to 5ft. 8 inches
  • 18T cog-sealed bearing rear cassette hub
  • Twenty-four inches Arisun XLR8 tires. They sit on Xposure Infinity XD aluminum double-wall rims with 10 mm hollow axle sealed front hub
  • Professional-grade 6061 Tectonic T1 biaxial hydroformed and butted aluminum frame with 86 mm BB shell
  • 3D-forged 10 mm dropouts and internal cable routing
  • Radius aluminum brake levers and linear-pull brake
  • 4130 Chromoly handlebar and fork
  • 50 mm stem and sealed bearing headset


  • No need for adjustments
  • High-performing bike for advanced and intermediate riders
  • Good for beginners
  • Room to play radio and choice music
  • Excellent frame, geometry, and lightweight frame
  • Easy to control with the liner-pull brakes


  • Non-adjustable seat angle
  • Small-sized plastic pedals

2. Mongoose Legion L500 Freestyle BMX Bike

This BMX bike from Mongoose is versatile; you can use it for various purposes. In other words, it is suitable for rough tracks, dirt roads, streets, and parks. It is sturdy and lightweight enough for all levels of riders, from beginners to intermediates and advanced riders. Also, it can fit tall people, having a design that accommodates riders 5’ 8” and taller.

The durable L500 bike from Mongoose comes with 4130 chromo fame that is popular with the brand. It also has a mid-BB shell and a top tune that measures up to 21 inches. The bike’s wheelset has a dimension of 20 x 2.4 tires, accommodating tall people and creating adequate balance. Furthermore, the tires stand on wide double-wall 36H rims made of aluminum. The bike also has a 0.375-inch female axle front hub with a 9T cog-sealed bearing rear hub, the free-coaster type.

The drive train has two-piece tubular chromo hollow handle spindle cranks measuring 175 mm. There is also a mid-sealed bearing bottom bracket and a 25T aluminum chainring. You can share it with your kids and they will enjoy this BMX bike. It has a color design that appeals to all ages and does not require much maintenance.


  • Two-piece tubular chromo hollow spindle cranks measuring 175 mm
  • Wheelset: 20 x 2.4 tires on wide 36H double-wall rims
  • 0.375-inch female axle front hub
  • Full 4130 chromo frame with removable brake mounts and mid-BB shell
  • 9T cog-sealed bearing free coaster rear hub
  • 25T aluminum chainring
  • Mid-sealed bearing bottom bracket
  • Aluminum brake levers and U-brake


  • Enhanced steering and brake performance
  • Suitable for all levels of riders, even beginners
  • Fit for all trails, rough terrains, streets, and parks
  • Mature color design


  • May not take heavier riders
  • Pedals may lock

3. Avasta Freewheel BMX Bike

As with other BMX bicycles, the Avasta Freewheel bike works for all trails such as streets and parks. Using this bike, you and your kid can enjoy a day out of the house and around the neighborhood or nearby park. It is sturdy without being heavy and is comfortable enough with its Hi-Ten steel frame. Assembling it is not an issue because the bike comes almost fully assembled. The parts you have to put together are minor ones, which is easy to do because there is a manual to guide you through the process.

The wheelset is standard and strong, featuring tires with dimensions of 20 x 2.4 tires that mount on single-wall 36H rims made of aluminum. The female axle front hub measures three-eighths of an inch, and there is a 16T cog-sealed bearing rear cassette hub.

The handlebar has a rotor that turns 360 degrees, making each ride entertaining and creative. Furthermore, the handlebar joins to the fork through a steam. In addition, four pegs allow you to play more tricks with the bike and improve balance. What’s more, the brand provides a limited lifetime warranty, which comes in handy if you have complaints.


  • Hi-Ten durable steel frame
  • 18-inch wheel bike with 20 x 2.4 tires
  • Aluminum single-wall 36H rims
  • 0.375-inch female axle front hub
  • 16T cog-sealed bearing rear cassette hub
  • 360-degree rotor handlebar and four pegs for entertaining and creative rides


  • Solid and balanced bike for all trails
  • Suitable for kids and small adults
  • Almost fully pre-assembled
  • Comes with assembly and toolkits
  • It makes for entertaining rides
  • Durable frame


  • Wheelset may not have adequately installed bearing
  • Has no kickstand

4. Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike

Part of the beauty of using a BMX bicycle is that it is usually sturdy enough for kids and adults. The minimum height of a suitable rider is 48 inches, meaning that taller people can also use the bike. The bike has a design that makes it excellent for roads, streets, and trails.

As with many BMX bikes from Mongoose, this model has a strong frame made from Hi-Ten steel. It is a freestyle bike, suitable for different creative styles and purposes. Also, its mag wheels are cast aluminum accompanied by sealed bearings. The wheels are eye-catching because of their design; they are simple yet classy.

A unique feature of the BMX bike is that it has only back brakes made of alloy metal. The gearing is 40 x 16T, has one-piece cranks that measure 170 mm, and is made of forged steel. It means the bike has only one speed.

In addition, four freestyle pegs make for entertainment, and there is also a chain guard. The handlebar turns 360 degrees, but the bike comes with a cable detangler that ensures nothing tangles. Plus, the back brake ensures the bike stops without skidding even when you employ the full spin.


  • Kickstand, freestyle pegs, and chain guard
  • The back brake is made of alloy
  • The handlebar spins 360 degrees and comes with a cable detangler
  • Mag wheels of cast aluminum accompanied by sealed bearings
  • 170 mm cranks made of forged steel and 40 x 16T gearing
  • The frame is Mongoose Hi-Ten steel
  • Compatible for children and adults


  • Durable and sturdy for tracks and streets
  • The handlebar turns 360 degrees with a cable detangler
  • Solid back brake
  • Comes with a kickstand for balance
  • A variety of colors


  • It may be difficult to assemble
  • The brake pad may have an installation issue

5. Elite BMX Stealth Bike

Elite had the mission to design and manufacture some of the best BMX bikes for beginners and professional riders alike. So, one of its efforts to include entry-level riders in the BMX fun world is the Stealth series. The exciting part is that experienced riders can also use it if they know how to maneuver. The reason is that the bike is made of reinforced welds.

It comes with 2.5 tires with a high-pressure casing, making it ideal for micro-knurled surfaces. Furthermore, the saddle is adjustable and built for comfort, especially if you use it on rough terrains or for long periods. For aesthetics, the saddle has embroidery.

The unique feature of this bike is the ease of assembly. It comes completely unassembled, but it does not take a long time or training to put everything together. Follow the instructions in the user manual and use the included accessories, and you will finish in no time.

It has a high tensile or Hi-Ten frame, a one-inch head tube, and a top-load stem made of stealth alloy. In summary, the 20-inch bike weighs 34 pounds, comes with a peg set, and has several colors for your selection.


  • A high tensile frame of reinforced welds
  • 06061 rims encased in 2.5 tires with high-pressure casings
  • Well-padded saddle, adjustable and with clear embroidery
  • Top-load stealth alloy stem and one-inch head tube
  • 25-9 gearing and one-piece Chromoly cranks with unsealed American BB


  • Ideal for riding in parks, streets, and dirt roads
  • Sturdy tires designed for high pressure
  • Pegs available for tricks
  • Adjustable and comfortable saddle
  • Several color options


  • Bearings may wear out too quickly
  • Paints peel too easily

Buying Guide: How to Select the Best BMX Bike for Adults

As an adult, there are several activities you can use a BMX bike for. Kids may have some restrictions due to safety, but if you are an experienced rider, the design and build of most BMX bikes leave the horizon open for tricks. Therefore, the type you choose depends on what you have in mind.

This buying guide lists some critical factors to keep in mind when selecting a BMX bike for adults:


The size of the bike plays a vital role in how well it performs. Whether you are using it for leisure, transportation, or racing depends significantly on the size. Since you want an adult BMX bike, you should select one with a frame size starting from 18.5 inches. These types accommodate riders as tall as four ft. 8 inches and caps at 5ft. 4 inches.

If you are going professional and are into racing, you need a bike with sizes starting from 20 inches. In addition to the size of the frame and the height of the rider, the wheel size makes all the difference. Twenty-four inches are ideal for advanced riders, but you can also get one with 22-inch wheels. They are best for providing traction.


There are race BMX bikes, jumping BMX bikes, and freestyle BMX bikes. The race ones are the original type manufacturers started with when kids started racing with their bikes. This type of bike has a design for acceleration and speed. Therefore, the manufacturing materials are usually the sturdiest to ensure durability and control. You find materials like Chromoly and aluminum or reinforced steel.

The jumping BMX bike is ideal for avoiding dirt roads. Such a bike easily lifts off the ground to other smoother places and may work if you have a specific riding style. One feature that makes it easy to jump is how lightweight the bike is. In addition, it typically has rear brakes, rigid strokes, and heavy treads.

The freestyle bike is ideal for tricks and stunts. Ideally, there are rules and disciplines to follow, such as trails, verts, parks, and flatlands. However, this type of bike is the best to use if you are into stunts and showing tricks. Such a bike works with back U-brakes and front brakes, which allow you to lift the back one while locking the front one. In addition, the handlebars usually turn 360 degrees for more entertaining tricks.

Gear Ratio

Check the chainring and count the teeth number. Next, count the number on the sprocket and divide the number on the chainring by that on the sprocket. The smaller the gear ratio you get, the better the pedaling power. For top BMX bikes, the gear ratio is usually 25:9. However, this number can be a reference for other ratios when selecting a bike.

Spoke Count

Part of the strength and balance of the bike comes from the spoke count. The heavier the bike and recommended rider size, the more the spoke count. Typically, you will find the counts ranging from 28 to 36 in number, but for heavier ones, the pokes may reach 48. 

There is also the thickness of the spokes to consider. Spindly spokes may bend easily, even if the count is up to standard. Also, butted spokes have thick ends and thin middles, creating the necessary balance without increasing the bike’s overall weight.


Wide rims ranging between 32mm and 36 mm enable the wheels to handle hard hits and last longer. While the wheels may be excellent and provide better structural support, their thickness may add to the bike’s weight. Therefore, top brands find a way to balance weight and strength without compromising quality.


Rim brakes are the typical type used in BMX bicycles, the type where the rims and pads make contact to slow the bike’s momentum. The kind of bike you choose will determine the type of brake. Freestyle bikes come with cable detanglers for the rear U-brake, and as a result, they are ideal for advanced tricks. Race and jumping bikes do not need such details; front and rear brakes apply and work for racing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a good BMX bike for an adult?

The ideal bike for an adult must have suitable sizes and weights to accommodate the size. Consider the frame size and wheels; sturdy wheels are usually between 20 inches and 24 inches. However, some may go as high as 26 inches. Frames should be Chromoly steel or aluminum, which are some of the strongest ones for adult bikes. Always check the specifications and materials before settling for one, especially if you are tall and on the heavy side.

2. Why is a typical BMX bike small?

A BMX bike is small because of its purpose. The smaller the bike is, the easier it is to maneuver. The initial goal for manufacturing these bikes was for stunts, racing, and other off-road sports. Large-sized bikes do not provide the freedom for these races and feats. Time and purposes have changed, and more people use bikes for other things, so there are increasingly larger types for your selection.

3. Do all BMX bikes have brakes?

Not all BMX bikes have brakes, but most of them have brakes, as with other bikes. Some bikes are brakeless, but others have rear U-brakes or front and linear-pulley brakes. The type of bike determines the type of brake that comes with it. 

However, if you go for a brakeless bike, you must be well-versed with cycling without brakes. You must learn to stop a bike with your foot on the rear tire without skidding too much. Also, learn how to cycle effortlessly through traffic without brakes before venturing for a brakeless BMX bike.

4. Is there a reason a BMX bike seat is slanted?

The primary reason for a slanted BMX bike seat or saddle is to prevent sliding. Typically, the saddles tilt upwards instead of downwards to make riding easier and keep the rider from sliding forward on the bike. While downward-tilted saddles relieve pressure on the groin area, performing tricks in that position is usually tricky and uncomfortable.

5. Is a BMX bike ideal for long distances?

A BMX bike is suitable for moving from one point to another, but it is not excellent for long distances or constant transportation. The shape and design of BMX bicycles will cause back pain and fatigue in your legs if you use them as a means of transportation every day, especially if you have to go far.

6. Which is cheaper: a complete BMX bike or one you build?

Buying a new and complete BMX bicycle is cheaper than building one from scratch. For one, you will need tools that may not be readily available. Even if you can rent them, it will still cost you some money. 

Also, you will need parts to put together. Having the expertise is one thing, but it is entirely different to get the right part and correctly connect them. Generally speaking, it will cost you more. It may be better to remove and replace some parts of an already-built one if they do not meet your specifications.

7. Who is a 20-inch BMX bike ideal for?

A 20-inch BMX bike is ideal for adults and children. Such a bike is usually long and high enough for older children, the youngest age for the size being seven years, but determine the purpose of getting the bike before deciding on the size. How well the bike lasts will depend on its usage, but you can use one with your older kid if it is a sturdy BMX bike.

The Finish Line

The thing about BMX bicycles is that they are usually small. So, it may be challenging to find a suitable one for an adult. Nevertheless, you will find excellent ones for older kids and adults, even those that work for stunts and creative tricks.

This article lists some of the best BMX bicycles for adults. Due to the long list of excellent bikes in this category, we took the time to shorten the list to make the selection process quicker. Many of our selections come from the brand Mongoose because it is well-versed in designing these bikes.

However, having a small list to select from is not enough unless you have the budget to purchase more than one. So knowing what makes an excellent one is crucial. Some of the factors to consider are the brake type, wheel size, frame strength and size, and gear ratio. We explained how to calculate the gear ratio in this article.

Furthermore, knowing the type of bike depends on the purpose. If you are a stuntman, a freestyle BMX is best for you. A racer should go for a race BMX bicycle, and anyone can choose a jumping bike. Be aware that these bikes may not be ideal for long distances, no matter the purpose. So, you may want to consider this factor if you need a bike for transportation.