9 Best Bike Trailers

A Complete Buyer's Guide for Maximum Speed, Quality, and Comfort!

Best bike trailers

If you’re looking for the best bike trailer to purchase, then this is the perfect article for you! We will cover every detail and aspect of bike trailers from the cheapest ones to the more expensive models.

Only the best of the best bike trailers make it onto our list, so you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product.

We’ll take into consideration items like tires, weight capacity, maximum speed, wheels, brakes, suspension, and storage when making our picks. By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert on bike trailers!

Don’t have time to read? Here are our top 3 picks by price range:

Instep Bike Trailer for Kids – Best Affordable Bike Trailer


Biking with children can be fun and safe with the Instep Bike Trailer.

It comes equipped with a five-point harness and safety flag, 16-inch pneumatic tires with molded rims for optimal performance, a folding-frame design and a quick-release wheel for easy assembly, storage, and transport.

The canopy offers both bug screen and weather shield protection with a rear vent window as well as a seat that reclines for added comfort.

How is it to use it?

This trailer is a breeze to set up and take down, folding small enough for easy storage or transport. Kids love riding in it, and there’s plenty of room for two children or one in the center seating position with an additional 12 pounds in the rear-seat storage area.

The biggest downsides are that tires are not of great quality and may pop easily and that the metal attachment that connects to the bike may not fit all bikes, so ask the seller first if your bike is compatible with it!


  • Stretchy fasteners to keep rain shield and other vents open
  • Has multiple options for the comfort of the child
  • Plenty of storage in the back of the trailer
  • Quick-release wheels for easy assembly, transport, and storage
  • Folding frame design


  • Maximum weight limit of 80 pounds (two 40-pound children) with an additional 12 pounds in the rear-seat storage area. Some assembly is required. 
  • No divider between the storage area and the seating area
  • Poor quality tires

Overall, this is the best budget-friendly trailer out there for occasional riders or short trips. If you’re looking for something to take on longer trips or use more often, you may want to invest in a higher-quality bike trailer.

Allen Sports Deluxe


The Allen Sports Deluxe is the best outdoor solution for parents who want to stay active with their kids. Its lightweight steel frame construction, complete with durable quick-release 16″ steel wheels and large front and side windows, ensures that your children can safely and comfortably travel along with you.

At the same time, the footguard tube protects your passengers’ feet, while a padded five-point safety harness keeps them in place. Plus, its folding design and quick-release wheels make it easy to transport and store when you’re done.

The universal coupler is simple to attach to your bicycle’s rear axle so you can get going with minimal fuss. Plus, it comes with a safety flag for extra visibility and even has a rear storage compartment and helmet pocket.

How is it to use it?

Using the Allen Sports Deluxe is pretty straightforward – it pulls surprisingly smoothly given its price, while the adjustable height settings on its five-point harness system make it easy to get your kids in and out.

The hammock-style seat is thick and padded, so it won’t sag over time – plus the rain cover and mesh zip-up cover come preinstalled. There’s plenty of storage space too, with a weight capacity of 100 pounds in total.

However, swapping between trailer and stroller functions requires you to remove kids from the trailer. It’s also less durable than higher-end models, and it might be a bit too tight for two large toddlers.


  • Lightweight steel construction
  • Large front and side windows
  • Padded five-point safety harness
  • Universal coupler


  • Less durable than higher-end trailers
  • Tight fit for two large toddlers

Overall, the Allen Sports Deluxe is an affordable option that’ll get you and your children out on the trails in no time. It may not be as tough as some of the pricier models, but it’s still an excellent choice for families with smaller kids.

Retrospec Rover


The Retrospec Rover bike trailer is a great choice for a bike trailer. It is highly visible with its bright colors and reflective fabric, making it safer for riding in low-light conditions.

It is also collapsible for easy storage and transport. The large storage compartment is perfect for carrying supplies or toys for a day out.

The Rover bike trailer also features a weather-resistant design to keep your passengers dry and comfortable in any weather.

How is it to use it?

Using this trailer is incredibly easy and intuitive. Starting with the setup process; it only takes a few minutes to assemble, thanks to its intuitive design that requires no tools.

Its lightweight construction means you won’t have any trouble maneuvering around or transporting it from one place to another.

Plus, the reflective fabric keeps your passengers safe and visible on their travels. The storage compartment is conveniently located for easy access to supplies or toys during those long days away from home!


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to store
  • Durable
  • Accessible and large storage compartment


  • Difficult to strap
  • Poor quality tires

The Retrospec Rover is an excellent bike trailer that will keep your passengers safe and secure while giving you total peace of mind. It’s an outstanding choice for any bike enthusiast!

Instep Quick-N-EZ


Instep Quick-N-EZ is an amazing bike trailer that provides a great balance of convenience and versatility. It’s a perfect choice for those who are looking to get the best bang for their buck in terms of both quality and affordability.

This trailer comes with all the features you need, such as a five-point harness for safety, a collapsible folding frame, and quick-release wheels for easy storage and transport, plus a two-in-one canopy that features both a bug screen and weather shield.

How is it to use it?

Using the InStep Quick-N-EZ is simple as can be! It’s available in both single and double capacities, with an upgrade to a stroller function for those who need it.

The interior space is amazing and perfect for hauling around the kids, plus the hitch is really easy to use.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider such as plastic rims that may warp over time, exterior covers that are thin and not very durable, and a max speed of only 10 mph.


  • Affordable
  • Stroller conversion
  • Spacious interior
  • Pulls smoothly
  • Hitch is easy to use


  • Plastic rims
  • Exterior covers are thin and not durable
  • Max speed of only 10 mph

Overall, the InStep Quick-N-EZ is an awesome bike trailer that’s affordable and packs a ton of features. It’s great for those who want to get the best bang for their buck without sacrificing quality or safety.

Schwinn Echo – Great Value Bike Trailer


The Schwinn Echo is a tow-behind style bike trailer that fits most rear bike wheels and has been designed with rider safety as the utmost priority. It comes with a 5-point rider harness featuring shoulder patches and also includes a safety flag for extra visibility.

The best feature of this trailer has to be its two-in-one canopy, allowing you to choose between a bug screen and weather shield – or even have them both at the same time. With the rear ventilation window for cooling off during those summer days, your passengers will be well taken care of!

The Echo also comes with 20-inch alloy spoked wheels with air-filled/pneumatic tires for performance and style. The frame of the trailer is also collapsible, making it easy to store away when not in use, plus – best of all – the wheels can be removed so you won’t have any trouble fitting it into tight spaces or in the back of cars.

The coupler for attaching the trailer to most rear bike wheels is included, making it easy to set up and take down.

How is it to use it?

If you’re looking for a best-in-class bike trailer that’s affordable, safe, stylish, and functional then the Schwinn Echo should be on your radar. It’s super simple to assemble and there’s enough room inside for snacks, toys, and water – so you’ll be all set for the journey ahead. The aluminum wheels and tires are also a nice touch.


  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy build


  • The child seat is very upright

The only downside is that the seat is very upright, which could make it tricky to fit with a helmet on – but despite this small hiccup, this trailer really does offer great value for money. So if you’re in the market for a best-in-class bike trailer, then the Schwinn Echo is definitely worth checking out!

Burley Bee


The Burley Bee is one of the best bike trailers to hit the market in quite some time. This lightweight aluminum frame is perfect for daily use and easy transportation, never compromising on safety.

It features a waterproof polyester cover and fabric that will keep your kid dry no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. The UV windows make sure you’re able to keep an eye on your little one as well.

The five-point harness and wheel guards are designed to provide maximum security, so you can go out with peace of mind. Plus, the Bee comes in single and double versions for best fit. Whether you’re going on a family outing or just a ride around the block, this is one bike trailer you can rely on.

How is it to use it?

Using the Burley Bee for transporting your children is an absolute pleasure. The lightweight construction and quality components mean it’s designed to last for years, with a long life ahead of it.

The adjustable harness system ensures a comfortable ride no matter your child’s size, and you’ll find plenty of storage features like a large cargo area in the back, plus a handy rain cover.

Get ready to be cruising around town with ease!


  • Durable Build
  • Lightweight
  • Great Value for your Money
  • Large storage space


  • Can be difficult to fold/unfold
  • No stroller option

Overall, the Burley Bee is an awesome bike trailer for everyday use. It’s well-made, easy to set up and use, and provides a smooth ride for your little ones – definitely worth checking out!

Burley Honey Bee 2


The Burley Honey Bee is the best bike trailer you can get for kids! This rugged and durable trailer has seating for one or two, a 1-Wheel Stroller Kit, and an adjustable handlebar so you can make the best use of it.

It’s also lightweight so you don’t have to worry about it weighing you down. In addition, the trailer folds flat for easy storage when not in use and comes with a rain cover to keep your little ones safe and dry.

How is it to use it?

It has a smooth ride that’s great for both the adult rider and their little passengers. Plus, you can easily switch between bike mode and stroller mode without any tools or conversion kits. All you need to do is adjust the handlebar and you’re ready to go! It would have been a perfect bike trailer at this price point if it had suspension systems, seat pads, or shades, but overall this is a great trailer for the price.


  • Well-made and sturdy
  • Feels one with your bike
  • Quick and easy to go from riding to walking
  • A simple and effective 5-point harness
  • XL Storage compartment
  • UV window protection blocks 98% of UV light
  • 3-year warranty on the frame.


  • No adjustable recline on the seats
  • No cushions on the harness straps.

All in all, the Burley Honey Bee is an excellent bike trailer for anyone looking for a great value product. It’s easy to use, converts quickly from riding to walking and has plenty of storage space.

Burley D’Lite X – Best Bike Trailer


The Burley D’Lite X is a high-end kid’s bike trailer and stroller with some outstanding features that make it the best of the best. It has adjustable suspension, premium seat pads, and headrests that provide a comfortable ride for your little ones.

Its seats recline independently, so both of your kids can enjoy the ride in comfort. Plus, it comes with a quick receiver for easy installation and removal of the tow bar.

The best part is that this trailer is compatible with all conversion kits, meaning you can use it as a bike trailer, stroller, or jogger – making it incredibly versatile! And there’s plenty of storage space in the back.

Plus, it has a hub-engaged parking brake that keeps the trailer in place when loading or unloading passengers and cargo.

How is it to use it?

The Burley D’Lite X is easy to assemble, rides fantastically on both pavement and trails, folds up easily for simple storage, and sets back up quickly. It even has a height-adjustable ergonomic handlebar with an additional roll bar when folded forward while biking!


  • Easy assembly
  • Rides fantastically
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Folds up and sets back up easily
  • Handles really well


  • Independent recline limits the cargo area
  • No brakes for stroller/jogger

Overall, this bike trailer is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for the best of the best.

Thule Chariot Cross


Are you an adventure-seeking family who enjoys a variety of outdoor activities? If so, then the Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer & Stroller could be the perfect solution for you.

This all-in-one stroller, jogger, bike trailer, and ski pulk is a top-notch piece of equipment and will make your outdoor adventures that much more enjoyable.

How is it to use it?

This trailer is compact, easy to fold up for storage, and has adjustable suspension so you get the best ride possible no matter where you go. The reclining seats are comfortable and can be taken out quickly for cleaning. There’s also an XL cargo space and plenty of storage.

However, there is one downside – the price tag. But if you’re looking for quality, then this trailer might be worth it in the end.


  • All-in-one stroller, jogger, bike trailer, and ski pulk
  • Comes equipped with everything you need
  • Folds up easily for transport and storage
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Reclining seats
  • Internal storage space


  • High price tag
  • Jogging and skiing kits are sold separately

With features like adjustable suspension, reclining seats, and internal storage space, you can’t go wrong with the Thule Chariot Cross.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to hit the trails with this best bike trailer!

Buyer’s Guide: How to choose the best bike trailer

Are you in the market for a bike trailer, but don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place!

This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about bike trailers, from the best type for your needs to what features and accessories you should be looking out for.

Bike Trailers Types

Let’s get started! When it comes to choosing a bike trailer, there are three main types: jogger trailers, stroller trailers, and child trailers.

Jogger trailers

Designed for running or jogging with your child and have a three-wheeled design for stability, equipped with a handbrake for safety.

Stroller trailers

Best suited for walking or jogging, featuring two wheels that can also be converted into a stroller.

Ski trailers

Offer the best option for skiing with your little one, boasting two wheels that can be transformed into a stroller, or pulled behind a ski pulk.


Budget bike trailers can be an excellent, more affordable option for those who don’t have a large budget. Typically, best-in-class bike trailers range in price from around $100 to over $1000.

However, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for – so the higher-priced models tend to be made with better materials and come with more features than the cheaper models. But don’t worry, there are still some great budget-friendly options out there if you know where to look!

Single or Double Bike Trailer

Bike trailers are an essential part of any cyclist’s collection of gear. They come in both single and double models, allowing you to transport one or two children safely and comfortably.

Single-bike trailers generally have a weight capacity of 55 pounds or less, while double-bike trailers can accommodate up to 100 pounds.

Tire Type

Bike trailers come in two distinct tire sizes – pneumatic and solid tires.

  • Pneumatic tires are filled with air and are made of rubber, making them best for providing a smooth ride over rough terrain. They can, however, go flat if you hit something sharp like a rock or stone.
  • Solid tires are made of foam or plastic and don’t require inflation, making them the best for durability. They can’t go flat but won’t provide the same smooth ride as pneumatic tires.

Most bike trailers come with pneumatic tires, but if you plan on only using your trailer on smooth surfaces, then solid tires will do the trick.

If you’re going to be taking your trailer on some rough terrain, then pneumatic tires are best for providing a smoother ride. So when selecting a bike trailer, make sure to check which type of tires it comes with!

Bike Trailer Weight Capacity

When it comes to bike trailers, you’ll want to ensure that their weight capacity is adequate for your needs. Weight capacity can range anywhere from 50 to 200 pounds depending on what type of bike trailer you choose.

If you’re planning on hauling cargo or multiple children in your bike trailer, go for one with a higher weight capacity to ensure you’ve got some wiggle room when your little ones inevitably grow bigger!

Maximum Speed

The maximum speed of a bike trailer is an important factor to consider when making your purchase decision. While they typically don’t reach the same speeds as bikes, they can still reach up to 10 miles per hour, depending on the model and configuration.

It’s important to keep in mind that due to the lower speed of the trailer, you’ll have to pedal slower when going uphill or into the wind.

Wheels & Attachment Types

Bike trailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with either two or four wheels. Four-wheeled trailers are ideal for carrying heavier loads and offer more stability, but they’re also heavier and more difficult to maneuver. Two-wheeled trailers are lighter and easier to steer, but can’t handle as much weight.

When it comes to wheel sizes, most trailer wheels come in either 16″ or 20” diameters. If you are going on off-road adventures or bumpy roads, then 20” wheels are best for the job.

Attaching your trailer to the bike is also important and there are three main types:

  • Quick release – This allows you to fasten and unfasten the wheels quickly for storage or transportation.
  • Thru-axle – A more secure attachment that uses a bolt to attach the wheel to the frame, reducing it from coming off during use.
  • Hitch mount – This type of attachment links the trailer to the bike using a hitch. Hitch mounts are more secure than the other two options, but can be tricky to remove and may not work with certain bikes.


Brakes are an essential part of any bike trailer – but don’t expect to use them too often. After all, unless you’re taking your trailer for a jog, the brakes are usually connected to the same bike that’s being pulled along. For this reason, bike trailer brakes tend to be quite basic; certainly, enough to help you park on a steep hill, but not much else.

There are two main types of brakes available: hand and wheel:

  • Hand brakes operate just like bike brakes – squeeze the lever on the handlebar and you’re good to go.
  • Wheel brakes work more like car brakes; step on the pedal near the wheel and they’ll activate.

Bike Trailer Seat Types

Bike trailers come in a variety of different seat types, including bench, bucket, and hammock.

  • Bench seats are the most commonly found in bike trailers, accommodating up to two children with a weight limit of around 100 pounds.
  • Bucket seats are best for carrying one child and look like they’re straight out of a car seat. These have a weight limit of 50 pounds and can be reclined for comfort.
  • Hammock seats are best for carrying one child with a max weight of 40 pounds. They’re made from breathable mesh material in warm weather but don’t provide as much support as the bucket seat does.

No matter which bike trailer you choose, CyclingBrew got you covered with all the best options!

Bike Trailer Covers

Bike trailers are an excellent way to keep your children safe and comfortable when you’re out for a ride. They come with several features that make them well-suited for a variety of activities, such as storage, pedals, brakes and even covers to protect against the elements. Covers can range from waterproof rain covers to canopies, sunshades, and windows with UV protection.

The best bike trailers on the market offer some of the best protection against the elements. Burley bike trailers, for example, come with great rain coverage while Thule Chariot Cross delivers an impressive range of positions for its sunshade – plus, it has UV protection on its windows.


Storage is one of the most important features to consider when shopping for a bike trailer, as it gives you the ability to carry and store items with ease.

There are two different types of storage options on bike trailers: under-seat storage and rear storage compartments. Under-seat storage is best suited for smaller items and tools, while rear storage compartments are best for carrying larger items.

Burley trailers come out on top when it comes to storage capacity compared to the other bike trailer models on our list. So if you’re looking for a trailer with plenty of space, Burley is definitely your best bet!


For anyone in the market for the best bike trailer, there are a few key features you should take into consideration. Handlebars are essential, and multiple-position handlebars are best for their ability to adjust to fit any jogger or stroller height.

Dual-height handlebars are the standard for most budget-friendly bike trailers but don’t offer quite as much customization. No matter what kind of handlebar you choose, make sure it best fits your needs!


When it comes to bike trailers, the suspension is a great feature to consider as it helps to take the bumps and jolts of rough terrain out of your kiddo’s ride. Companies like Thule and Burley have some of the best suspensions on the market, making rides more comfortable for your little one.

If you’re looking for the best bike trailer, keep an eye out for those with quality suspension!


Bike trailers come in a range of different styles and designs, with some being foldable while others may be more rigidly constructed. Foldable frames are often best suited for those looking to transport or store the bike trailer easily, as they can usually fit into trunks and other small spaces. They also come in a variety of different sizes, so it’s important to take into consideration the size of your trailer before making a purchase.


Are bike trailers worth it?

Absolutely! Bike trailers are a great way to transport your children, particularly if you’re planning on taking long bike rides or even just leisurely rides around the neighborhood. Not only can your kids enjoy the ride, but you can also get some exercise in while you’re at it. It’s a win-win!

What age are bike trailers suitable for?

Generally speaking, most bike trailers are best suited for kids aged one and up. However, the best way to tell if your child is ready is to make sure they can comfortably sit in the trailer and that their head is supported by the helmet. You also want to make sure they have enough autonomy while they’re in there!

Can you attach a bike trailer to any bike?

Nah, not necessarily. Some bike trailers are designed with certain hitches that may only be compatible with certain bikes. For example, the Instep Bike Trailer has a coupler that’s only compatible with certain bikes.

How hard is it to pull a bike trailer?

It’s definitely going to be more difficult than just biking solo, especially when you factor in the weight of the trailer (which typically averages around 25 pounds) as well as any children you may have in there – up to two or three kids, depending on the trailer. But hey, it’s nothing you can’t handle!

Are bike trailers safer than bike seats?

It’s hard to definitively say which one is safer, as both have their own pros and cons.

Bike trailers offer more protection than bike seats since they are more stable and some even come with a feature that prevents them from tipping over even in the event of a crash. That said, they can also be dangerous if not used properly. At the end of the day, it’s best to use your best judgment and make sure you’ve done your research when choosing a bike trailer.

Can you use a bike trailer with a road bike?

Yes, you can! However, road bikes usually require a different type of trailer than mountain bikes. Be sure to do your research on the best bike trailer for your specific needs and make sure it’s compatible with the type of bike you have. Additionally, it’s best to use a trailer with fat tires since they provide more stability and traction on the road.

Should a child wear a helmet in a bike trailer?

Definitely! Make sure your child is always wearing a helmet when they’re in the trailer. It’s best to get one that fits them snugly and provides plenty of ventilation for their comfort. Additionally, make sure you have properly secured the chin strap so that it can’t come off easily.

How can I make my bike trailer more comfortable for my kids?

  • For starters, make sure you have the right cover for the actual weather conditions. For example, if it’s hot out, make sure to open up any vents and close the bug screen correctly so your child stays cool.
  • Additionally, be sure to use a comfortable cushion or seat pad that’ll provide some extra padding while they ride.
  • Lastly, you can always add a couple of toys or books to keep them entertained during the ride.

Can you jog with a bike trailer?

Yes, you can! Some high-end models like the Thule Chariot Cross even allow you to ski with them. Just make sure you always pay attention to your child’s safety and that they are properly secured in their trailer before jogging or skiing.

The Finish Line

The best bike trailer for the money is the Burley D’Lite X. This trailer is packed with all the premium features of its more expensive counterpart, the Thule Chariot Cross, at a much lower cost. With an adjustable suspension and reclining seat, your little one will be able to enjoy even the bumpiest of rides. You can also kit it out with all the best accessories, plus you get more storage space than the Thule Chariot.

So if you’re looking for a top-notch trailer that won’t break the bank, then look no further than the Burley D’Lite X!

Thanks for reading, folks. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Happy biking! 🙂