Welcome to CyclingBrew

Hey there actual and future passionates of cycling!  My name is Santiago and I run by the alias of “Bewer”. I have been cycling for 24 years now. I will never forget my first bike a very dusty and beaten up blue BMX, I was 6 at the time and it was in summer vacation at my grandparents ranch, one of my uncles heard that I was bugging my parents to get me a bike without success so he took me to his barn and told me that if I found a bike in there it was mine, after looking for some time between pretty old stuff and bats flying over my head I found it! I was so happy that I took the bike and ran off so fast with it that the neighbors thought I was stealing it. 

The bike was a mess, it had flat tires, the brakes didn’t work, the chain was all rusted, so i waited all summer to have it fixed, the experience of learning how to ride it was my first sense of accomplishment and freedom. Until this day I have that sense of freedom, adventure, and connection with nature every time I go for a ride.

I realized pretty quickly that there were a lot of different types of bikes when riding with my friends. My BMX was not very good on dirt roads, so as fast as the bike didn’t fit me anymore I got a mountain bike because I was tired of biting the dust when riding with my friends. 

This is the moment my true passion was born, I understood that you need the right equipment to perform your best. I also enjoyed a lot researching and talking with people that shared the same passion and gave me their time and knowledge.

Now my passion is stronger than ever and I want to share it and help everyone to get the best out of theirs.

My mission on this site is to help you get the most adrenaline, health and safety out of your rides.

How content is created?

To ensure high quality all the content is edited and planned by me. I conduct extensive research for each piece of content and article. I tend to use freelance writers to put everything together and create enjoyable articles for you, but nothing goes online without my consent. So be assured that all the information that we publish is accurate and can be trusted for your rides and purchase decisions.

The goal is to test every article to get real life experience, but this is not always possible so we rely on our extensive research and feedback from real life customers.

I’m passionate about cycling so naturally I spend a lot of time in bike shops talking with the staff to get to know the newest and upcoming items to share them with you.  

All that said, my main goal is that CyclingBrew becomes a trusted place that is not biased by brand sponsorship  so you can use our information to make the best decisions when it comes to buying cycling equipment.

Why should you read CyclingBrew.com?

The main reason I think you should read us is because you want to improve your cycling experience. 

You are going to enjoy our content for sure if:

  • You care about your health and want to get back or stay in shape while doing something you enjoy.
  • You want to stay up to date with the latest, newest, greatest bikes, components and tech in the market.
  • You don’t want to spend countless hours doing research for your next purchase and be left with too many choices at the end.
  • You want to feel comfortable and safe  while you ride.

So let’s ride together! I really hope to create a community of fellow riders where we can help each other with tips and tricks, if you have something related to share don’t hesitate and contact us.

If you don’t know where to start check out our guides here.

Santiago “Brewer”

Founder and Chief editor at CyclingBrew